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Recent content by Teikaro998

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    Ultima Weapon?

    actually u beat Sora's mode then go and beat Riku's mode and then do calm bounty in Castle Oblivion
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    Does anyone have a 9 Ultima Weapon??

    i have a 9 card of an Ultima Weapon
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    Another Side, Another Story *help*

    actually use oogie boogie first when u need healing then use mickey cards
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    What level?

    have a lot of 0 cards incase he uses dark aura
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    Mushu summon?????

    throws flame balls i can also i can pm some more secrets
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    Create your own card.

    i just thought of some more while i waas getting killed in FFX. Card: Flare Description: non-elemental damage Obtain: Axel Card: Ultima Description: causes enemies to automatically reduce to 1 hp Obtain: Marluxia Card: Holy Description: eliminates all enemies stuns bosses Obtain: Beat Riku's...
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    Create your own card.

    Quint Limit Description: Sora makes 4 clones of himself in his 4 forms and they contiounsouly attack the enemy Works best on bosses Obtain: Ansem Shuriken Blade Description: the keyblade turns into a gun like form and it shoots shurikens Obtain: Leon and Yuffie
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    Zexions weapon

    you r wrong ariyo zexion controls illusion and we dont kno what his weapon his it could be anything. but all i know is he controls illusions . End of story.
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    can anyone help

    actually marluxia 1 is hard and marluxia 2 is easy but hes so darn annoying i can also pm u some secret stuff u can get on CoM
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    larxene and other org members

    no u dont fight zexion and the hardest boss for sora is marluxia and the hardest boss for riku is ansem
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    Zexions weapon

    zexion is a master of illusion and i saw his weapon i gotta find the pic though
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    well CoM is a good game but they hide all the good keyblades
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    Need Help With Finding A Item Card....

    you get megaelixir when u open key to rewards in Destiny Islands
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    Sword of Mana? That game is too confusing!

    Sword of Mana is a good game. Its just that the game is so confusing. The game is actually so difficult that you have to go online for a walkthrough. In Devius Manor on the last part I had to go online to find out how to get the door to open with four stinkin bells. This game is good but...