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  1. TeamMatt

    N/A release!!!

    So I got my game informer magazine and square-enix said BBS should release around june-august so it will be out this summer.
  2. TeamMatt

    Mickey Game

    So are they gonna make a mickey game because mickey has been in all kingdom hearts game and I feel they should his part in kingdom hearts and what he was doing that was important. (And if theres a thread about this I'm sorry I couldn't find it please don't flame for it.)
  3. TeamMatt

    Too much

    Hey members I don't know if a thread like this has been posted but does anyone feel like were getting a little to much of BBS I mean I'm happy they showed Zach but I wanted to be surprise I mean there showing us a lot we didn't even get this much information for days its just weird to me. We've...
  4. TeamMatt

    Favorite Part

    OK so what was your favorite part in days mine I would have to say at the end of the game when you duel wield and fight Riku that was so tight.
  5. TeamMatt

    Guess what

    Guess what members so I had went to my friends house to help him with something come to find out he needed help on beating xemnas at the very end when your riku he couldn't figure it out and he's playing the game on easy hahaha it was so funny what do you think is he a noob or just was just...
  6. TeamMatt


    Hey everyone I just wanted to apologize I had just joined up not to long ago and I went on vacation and I forgot to close my laptop before I left so it never locked and I got back couple days ago and found out my brother has been on my account messing with stuff and because my password is saved...