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    Questions for Kingdom Hearts fans!!

    Hey whats up its Jordan here and i'm just here to update you guys on something very special that has been in the works for many months. In December I will be launching a youtube page where my main focus will be Kingdom Hearts topics. Types of videos i plan to have on my channel include top...
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    1:Sephiroth 2:The Mysterious Man 3:Battle before the final door in the end of the world(including the demon on the mountain) 4:Kurt Zisa 5:Riku Hallow bastion second fight Honorable Mention: The Phantom at the clock tower, both Ursula fights (specifically on 0 EXP Proud runs) These are my...
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    Official Team Destiny KHInsider account + Channel update

    Hey guys its Jordan here and I switched over from my old account (508jprice) to this one. This is the OFFICIAL account I will be using in sync with my youtube channel and the website. If you don't know yet, Team Destiny is something me and my friend are starting to build right now. Its a gamer...