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    taylor didnt come to play

    ok now you have to tell me what you said to her because yes!!!!!!!
    you don't taylor. you don't say anything to that. you're silently sympathetic.
    oh gosh. well, she had to have known that was coming... breaking up with someone is super hard. one time i just told a guy that i just wanted a "break" and i kept insisting that was all it was... then i ignored them until they figured out that it wasn't! one guy i just avoided for like a month until he texted saying "so i guess we broke up" and i was like "ya"... i'm bad at it.

    ooo head advisor. yeah so you really do get a lot of insight into other students and behind the scenes stuff with the school! yeah that's the perfect amount. what do you do exactly there? do you get a desk!?!?

    no, well. probably around october they wanted me to assistant manage the store i'm working at right now and i turned it down so they gave it to another girl, which was fine. my thought process was essentially that i didn't want to do more work than i already was, which was more than the other staff. the district manager though, has constantly been dropping hints about me moving up and he wanted me to learn all of the assistant manager stuff with the girl who they promoted, so i would be ready lol . now they're opening a new store in the city i'm moving to and they need a new staff. so my district manager has pretty much pinned all of his hopes on me becoming the new assistant manager for the new store lol. which is like, alright i guess. i like to train people and i'd get a say in what my shifts are which is awesome (opens 4ever) plus more hours so i figure i could do it until i have more money saved up. both of my jobs are in movies. retail movies and rental movies. the retail is awesome because it's a small company so there are no rules really. the rental is not, because it's a huge business and there are a ridiculous amount of rules plus a bunch of stuff that breaks labour laws in canada. oh i wouldn't want to work in clothes because i'm just bad at selling them. i couldn't sell sunglasses so rofl. omg, i am the same. i never want to work in food. fuck working in food, i've been too spoiled by retail.

    it's like a text message... i look at those and i totally intend to reply and then like 3 days go by...
    i take too long to reply to these thingys

    oh that is awkward... don't date your coworkers!!!!!!!! wait for your store to close down and then date them!!! lol. was it a bad breakup or just an awkward one?

    a personal assistant! that is so fancy. c: so who are you the personal assistant to? wow, actually having a job like that should really open up a lot of doors for you which is fantastic. ok taylor if you're working 40 hours at this sweet job then i think you should just let go of your nazi job. think about it taylor... do you want to be a nazi??????

    I'M POOR I NEED TO MOVE rofl. i'm moving to a new city though o: it's really only the next city over and it seems like a nice area (by a park!) so it'll be a huge adjustment. i'm going from suburbia to a city. yeah i'm not too stoked about the management position; it's more of a "well i need the money and they're pretty much throwing it at me" kind of situation, lol. i'm not in love with the job so i might keep my out for something better since there will be a crap load of places i can apply to when i move! but i'm being pretty close minded and trying to stay within movies/video games/comics because i know stuff about those and it's way easier to do my job when i like the stuff i'm selling. omg taylor has it been so long??????????
    TWO JOBS. me too. high five for working too much o/
    but ok maybe you quit the nazi germany job taylor!?!??!?! the other job sounds fantastic. C:

    it looks like you're asking me if i'm sober... rofl i'm okay!!!!! i'm moving to a new city at the end of march. o: it's going to be a huge adjustment! um, two jobs are going alright. i'm being trained to take a management position in one of them which is fun times. but i'm living in eternal winter which sucks and makes me want to never leave my home
    I know right? A few sexts here and there wouldn't have gone amiss. Well, all I can say is that I think we need to make up for lost time.

    Your move ;)
    Hahaha. Well I think California is larger than the entirety of the UK, so I can see why that would be the case. I support whatever part you're from ;)
    Tie, shirt and waistcoat. (Massive generalisation) but most Americans dress to casual for my liking. Especially in the South!
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