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  • you realistically haven't changed tbh. T_T

    just messing with ya bruh. whatchu been up to man?! hows life? hows the chick? what's been real!?
    that doesn't cover the cost of a ticket though... does it? are you flying directly into canada or to buffalo then driving over?
    last year my friend owed 7 dollars though so i guess anything is better than that... except owing more...
    omg no that is awful :C

    i just got my tax stuff and wanted to cry at how little i made this year. i was unemployed (besides that under the table job) for four months and it totally showssssss. so idk how good it will be. :c THAT'S WHY IT DEPENDS.
    they knew i just really wanted to play persona 4 the golden and danganronpa and didnt want to spend money to do it!!!!!!!! (i am the worst)

    now i can spend money on a wii u next probably maybe depending on my tax return
    would it make you happy to know that my vita was given to me as a gift and i didn't buy it o:
    i saw your vm before i saw your joke and i knew instantly you must have made a life joke!!!
    *slow clap*

    wow as if folding pants one way or the other would affect sales in ANY WAY POSSIBLE. no one is going to buy shit until the seasons start to change, and then you're going to have a ton of people coming to up date their wardrobe. what a lunatic.

    i am so glad you didn't let her try to belittle you over THE FOLDING OF PANTS. i love district manager's that aren't really present in the stores, because whenever the show up they instantly start fucking with everything but it's never logical nor is it for the better.

    also lol.
    yeah i'm barely on skype anymore but i'll get online when i can to accept ur friend request ok friend
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