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    Old KH fan theories that did/didn’t come true

    I didn't get all the guesses for the various Lights/Darknesses right, but I was correct that Larxene and Marluxia would be among them. Aside from that, I always thought Saix was leading up to a Riku-esque redemption although I wasn't sure if he would live or die.
  2. Tartarus

    Character Development In New KH Trilogy

    I wouldn't say anyone in this series has really changed except for Riku and that's only because he was a villain in the climax of KH1 and he had to change in order to be believable as a protagonist later. So... I don't expect Sora to act too different in the next games. As for Riku, maybe...
  3. Tartarus

    Has Mickey Lost His "Special" Feel

    @Veevee: I actually feel the complete opposite. KH is the first time I've ever really liked Mickey or Minnie for that matter (and I like Goofy better here than anywhere else, too). I've always liked Donald and still hate Daisy. Mickey and Minnie were unexpectedly awesome in KH and I love it...
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    Friendly reminder that Atlantis: the Lost Empire was under consideration for KH1

    I would have agreed with you in the past, but if there are only going to be 7-8 Disney worlds per game from now on, they're not gonna waste a slot on movies like Robin Hood or Treasure Planet.
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    Best KH3 Quotes

    I don't have a script in front of me, but nearly everything Larxene is gold. "Look at you getting all sassy." Especially the "UGH" when Xemnas appears. That was my reaction, too! Sora telling Ienzo, "Yeah, you...computer...that." Or however it goes.
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    The one tiny problem with the next saga of kingdom hearts:The gameplay mechanics of kH3.

    I hope Drive Forms of KH2 are gone for good. The Keyblade Transformations were much more fun. I hope those + Shotlocks + Flowmotion stay around for a while anyway.
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    Has Mickey Lost His "Special" Feel

    Riku, Mickey, and Maleficent all have lost the "special" feeling they've had in the past to varying degrees--because of disuse (and, in Maleficent's case, misuse). Hopefully now that KH3 is done they can dump the excess characters that the series never needed in the first place and Riku can go...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake - March 3rd 2020

    I hate that Cloud got a new VA. VII isn't my favorite FF, but I'm really looking forward to this. Looks great so far.
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    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming 2019!!

    If this gets a physical release for the PS the way that the X / X-2 Remaster did, I'm definitely getting it.
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    KH3 Intro Video vs. KH3 "Let It Go"

    It doesn't really bother me. The Frozen property is so much bigger than Kingdom Hearts--many of the individual properties are (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.)--so it's not surprising Disney would put pressure on them to make it...
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    Film ► Aladdin (2019) - A whole new, new world

    This is one of the best re-makes so far. None of them are going to be as good as the animated films (well, except maybe The Jungle Book one), but I really loved this one. I liked B&tB, too.
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    Film ► Frozen II - November 2019

    Isn’t it wonderful? And there are so many who've had their knives out wanting to go in on Frozen's sequel so bad, too. Sucks to suck!
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    I think Arendelle will definitely be in the next mainstream game. But since I expect the next KH game to be a spinoff, I'm not sure what films will be featured. Maybe some of the more ignored films like TP&TF, Robin Hood, Pocahontas, Treasure Planet, etc. could stand a shot the same way that...
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    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Maddie Poppe ~ "Wildflowers" Katy Perry ~ "Never Really Over" Miley Cyrus ~ "Unholy"* * I've never really been a big fan of her music in the past, but I like her new EP.
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    Specific Points You Were Disappointed In KH3

    I agree, KH3 had the best dialogue its had since CoM.