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    Things Kingdom Hearts Characters would probably(hopefully) NEVER say.

    I'm bored, we're bored, and i'm curious as to how insane you guys are, so let's begin. "I broke my foot trying to cheapshot someone in the crotch..." ~Xion "Honestly, all the strange pairings in the organization don't surprise me." ~Roxas "You wouldn't believe the chain of bad words I just...
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    The Antics of Organization XIII (No, the old one. Not the crap pile Xehanort built.)

    Hello, Tarn AKA No.(INSERTNUMBERHERE) or The Dark Fencer here... ... and before you ask, Vexen left his personal computer on, and Zexion helped me make an account on the forums so... while all the other members are out going completely bonkers (I think Xigbar remade a tampon gun again...) does...
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    Cue spontaneous corridor of darkness opening.

    Sup fellas, I recently dove deep into Kingdom Hearts Heck and... here I am, turned into a Wannabe Org. XIII member, wielding a couple blades and an incomplete keyblade... member of the Vulpes union... what else can I say? ... and no, neither Demyx nor Xigbar have access to this page.