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  • I liked the first Rebirth Detective arc a lot. Two characters get the most focus in it: Batwoman with her working and family relationship to Batman, and Tim Drake, because he's the writer's favorite comic book character ever.
    Yep, it is! Something to be on the lookout for next year. So far I've enjoyed having Batwoman in Detective Comics to read, so I'm looking forward to this.
    Taochaaaaaaaaaan, solo Batwoman series is coming back next year. =D
    Batwoman to Get New Ongoing Comic Series (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter
    Fine, I guess. Yesterday was kind of a mess, but I'm okay now. :) Thanks for asking!
    Hey Taochan, thanks for checking up on me!

    Not dead, just still without a computer. :'D
    Thank you!! :D
    I'll try to keep doing my best for this forum!
    (sry about any bad english)
    Well by the time it neared the end, I started getting super sick and ended up losing thirty pounds from all the walking and dietary changes while over there and got pnuemonia and ear infections when I got back home. Thankfully my ear drums or lungs didn't collapse from the plane haha. I didn't leave my parent's house for weeks until I left town for classes starting lol. So I feel any longer over there would've landed me in the hospital, so I feel it was the perfect length. My only regret is not being able to go to the ghibli museum (they sold out in minutes T_T) and not going to the SkyTree. I did plenty of otaku things so that was more than enough, I went to akiba at least five times by myself. I even checked out the P5 demo while I was there and it's amazing. They had all sorts of merch on preview including the CE and actual uniforms from the school in the game. I also got all the limited edition of the P3 films too, and tons of other stuff, I barely fit it all in my bag haha.

    Yeah it wasn't difficult at all, I didn't learn too much but I had a book with me to make things easier on them since English wasn't uncommon but not terribly well used. Sometimes they had cards with phrases on it or I could just point to the picture on the menu haha. I wish I was able to learn more, but our teachers did a pretty lousy job with our classes so I feel like I know as much as I did before I left haha.

    I can definitively say that tipping should be abolished in America. It's garbage and I don't like the fake service servers put on here to get a good tip, whereas the servers in Japan just bring your food and whatever else you need. Y'know? I almost forget to tip every time I go out here now haha.
    That's stupid, good thing you realised it.

    Also I remember what I forgot before. It's Book of Prophecy, not Tome. Please don't make KHInsider seem dumb.
    God you're so lame.

    And must be so bored.

    Please don't create a thread about this in the KHX section.

    No one cares.

    Also there was something else I wanted to say but I forgot.
    I don't think its a break. I believe I'm getting detached to the things I was fond with since the day I ended up with my first videogame. Which is weird and sad at the same time. It's a long story...in a way I don't feel right and I just don't know anymore.
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