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  • urg.... thats a toughy.... well i dont hav a favorite but i like coldplay alot! whats ur fav food? or food type?
    No it's....dry like the snow won't stick together and feels like sand. You can't do anything with snow like that.
    lol i got into a big fight w/ my brother bout that! hmmm... whats ur favorite tv show?
    Thanks!This was one of my responses on how I think Roxas and Namine are siblings and that why thier relationship is well, gross

    But they came from the same person.
    And I have a therory about Namine and Roxas, because Roxas is Ven, I think Namine is Sora's nobody, like Xion was.
    The reason?:Sora killed himself to save Kairi, making her the most important thing to him, I think a nobodys looks are based off who was most important to the heart's self.look at Larxene, Marluxia, Xemnas and all the other organization members!And that is why Axel and Xion seemed to display true emotion, because the most important thing to them was NOT themseves!
    Hmmm well maybe Sora dosen't have his own heart?Maybe he was the nodody!And ventus was his heart, think about it during COM he did display much as a heart so maybe in BBS he loses his heart and Ven is placed in him but when Sora stabs himself Ven is relesed and they think that is his nobody but Sora himself is his own nobody.
    What do you think about that!lol
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