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    I'm just returning after...what? A year break? I dunno. I just sort of drifted away. And what do I find upon my return? Not only have I gained rep (which I had not a single point of before lolz) but I seem to have more friends now than did before on my list. :D! But I'm not complaining or...
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    What Happened?

    It's been quite some time since I logged on to my KHInsider account and I I've found that things have changed a little but the main thing I want to ask is what happened to the Inferno? Do I have to re-register?
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    Green Arrow vs. Link

    Who do you think would win? You can give the reason for your choice or not.
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    Green Arrow vs. Link

    Who do you think would win?
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    Fan Fiction.net Fans

    Hi, I was just wondering, how many other people here happen to frequent fanfiction.net?