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Recent content by Takayu

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    I'm just returning after...what? A year break? I dunno. I just sort of drifted away. And what do I find upon my return? Not only have I gained rep (which I had not a single point of before lolz) but I seem to have more friends now than did before on my list. :D! But I'm not complaining or...
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    What Happened?

    It's been quite some time since I logged on to my KHInsider account and I I've found that things have changed a little but the main thing I want to ask is what happened to the Inferno? Do I have to re-register?
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    When u lvl up

    Hehe, well, I had such a hard time fighting Riku that I stayed around the Destiny Islands until I maxed out everything. XD But I picked HP until I maxed it out. Then sleight. Then CP. Oh yeah! Just in case anybody happens to not have beaten Riku yet, if you're like right in front of Riku when...
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    Green Arrow vs. Link

    Who do you think would win? You can give the reason for your choice or not.
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    Green Arrow vs. Link

    Who do you think would win?
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    Sora vs Riku

    Hm, that's a little difficult to decide. With keyblade vs. keyblade, Sora would win (in the game anyway, he's the hero so he's got to win) But without a keyblade, I think Riku would dominate Sora.
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    The Offical Riku IV Help Thread Returned

    I'm having problems beating the Riku right after you finish the Destiny Islands. I threw away/sold all of my zero cards to the moogles (I should have know that was gonna come back to haunt me). Is there any other good way to beat him? My deck's filled with like twenty-something 9, 8, and 7...
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    Fan Fiction.net Fans

    Hi, I was just wondering, how many other people here happen to frequent fanfiction.net?