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    Odd Sora Figures

    Hey guys I was in town today in a random shop and I saw some figures of Sora that were just hilariously weird. I just had to take pictures of them and share them with you. Warning: these are VERY odd.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    I was about to post the exact same thing...i do wonder what this is about.
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    The best Eraqus lingering Sentiments theory yet! (maybe)

    While I see where Grass is going (this is what my friend thinks and we go back and forth all the time) I still think there is the possibility of extra nobodies. Why? Because at the moment there isn't any concrete evidence that a fused heart only creates 1 nobody. In sora's case: -Kairi's heart...
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    Question about Blank Points (spoilers)

    This is the only thing I could think of as a counterargument to multiple nobodies from Xehanort. My counter to it would be that there were signs that Ventus' heart was inside Roxas. At some points he had emotions and even looked like Ventus. However, Xemnas has no signs of emotion just a very...
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    Question about Blank Points (spoilers)

    If i had to come up with a theory on the spot it would be that Xemnas was Terra's heart's nobody, given Terra's body which was corrupted by Master Xehanort. Odd I know considering we think of Terra as a good guy but without his soul (inside Lingering Sentiment) or his heart, Terra's nobody could...
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    Question about Blank Points (spoilers)

    I can accept this but still it doesn't really answer if there's some other Xehanort apprentice nobodies out there. However it is interesting that if there are extra nobodies, these might have to be defeated for Xehanort the apprentice to return. It's possible as long as the encounter with him...
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    Question about Blank Points (spoilers)

    Hey all I've been lurking on this forum for some time and I just finished BBS and watched blank points. Now I just registered to ask something that has been bugging me. See I was trying to figure out ways in which Master Xehanort could return in KH3. My first theory was that when Master...