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System Shock
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  • Basically I post a thread and challenge you. Blah blah. Templates are posted and we fight. Simple really. Sure some people go in with specific regulations and characters but none of that will be needed.
    You're more than prudent in your posts. I'm not one to judge unless you just suck and think you're a boss.

    Nah, in the challenge section.

    I'd say it can, but doesn't always. I know people on this site and others whom have been rping for years, and they sucked then and STILL suck now.

    You think Daaku is bad, you apparently haven't had any run ins with Ref.

    We should have a battle, one on one.
    Maybe I missed where I mentioned you couldn't or shouldn't ask questions.

    You could view it that way, but what's the defense for?? I didn't attack you to begin with, or are you trying to make sure that people are playing fair...
    Haah thats fine. They're pretty good give them a go. I've been listening to quite a bit of metal (I dear) lately too
    foals. haha but yeah currently (that being for about the past 2 years) they are pretty much the majority of the music I listen too.
    Nothing really, just doing schoolwork, working and hanging out with friends and on the net. What have you been up to, System?
    lol well I can't post yet, I am not technically in the RP yet till someone accepts me xD So I still have to wait on Skitty or Chaosmax.

    Also, I was planning to head to Hueco Mundo. I don't think everyone should just cluster around one fight, ya know? Let the RP spread a bit. Once I am in the RP, you are free to follow Shasta to HM :D
    Thanks man. I think I might be getting a new one soonish, maybe depends how active I stay on here.
    I'm feeling better, thanks for asking. My internet time also improved, so no it's not still going on. How are you doing?
    Seeing as how you both understand my name, and realize that yes, that is Oli Sykes in my sig, we DEFINITELY need to be friends. :D
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