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    Would you want a Kingdom Hearts attraction at the Disney theme parks?

    I feel, if handled properly, a dark ride at the Magic Kingdom featuring animatronic reenactments of some of the best moments in Kingdom Hearts could be fun. What do you think?
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    Are we certain five party membetrs is the limit?

    We know that Sora will be able to have up to five members in his party in Kingdom Hearts III. I'm wondering if that's the limit, because I think there should be at least one battle with all seven Guardians of Light fighting together.
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    Fragmentary Passge difficulty question

    I just finished Dream Drop Distance. Will I miss out on any content if I play Fragmentary Passage on Beginner difficulty?
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    How many Story Missions are there?

    I just started this game a few days. I've already read the main plot doesn't really start until you've done 100 Story Missions. How many are there all together? I plan to only play about ten each day or less if my AP runs out first.
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    Can Dream Eaters only be used by the character who created them?

    I'm planning to farm Support Abilities as Sora, but I want to put Skelterwild(Who gives the EXP Walker ability) in Riku's endgame party. Does that mean I have to make Skelterwild as Riku?