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Recent content by SweetYetSalty

  1. SweetYetSalty

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    In retrospect I should have put that in the "KH Shower Thoughts" as this actually isn't a nitpick on my part, but a funny observation. So that is totally my bad. Anyway great answer for it, KeybladeLordSora!
  2. SweetYetSalty

    Tbh i found the ending of the Nobody trio the most satisfying

    I do wish they had fleshed out Isa more before adding him, I still feel like we missed a potentially strong redemption story there. Anyway this is still like top 5 favorite Kingdom Hearts scenes for me. RAX are one of the few characters left in the series that still have that old style KH...
  3. SweetYetSalty

    what kh lore is essential 2 understand kh?

    If your presentation is going up to KH3, then everything. You kind of can't skip anything if you are mapping a timeline. The only ones that would be tricky if you want to include are the mobile games. If your presentation is just phase 1, then KH1 through KH3 games, because every game has some...
  4. SweetYetSalty

    Help/Support ► I can't believe I'm making this thread..... (CONTENT WARNING)

    I'm very sorry for your loss, Soldier. I lost a family member this year too and it really hit me about life and death.
  5. SweetYetSalty


    This is why I treat Apprentice Xehanort and Terranort like two different characters, because they practically are. It's almost like when Xehanort took over Terra he created a entirely new persona just from that alone. I agree in later games Ansem feels somewhat like Terranort, but in the early...
  6. SweetYetSalty


    I've made the same mistakes with the whole Terranort's heart thing. It's one of the reasons why I was confused why nobody else was under full Xehanort control like Terra's vessel was. Especially the Replicas. Though it still doesn't explain why Terranort acts nothing like Master Xehanort and...
  7. SweetYetSalty

    Kh novels

    Nice, just to clarify are these the mangas or novels you are reading? Looks like a mix of both worlds.
  8. SweetYetSalty

    Your KH headcanon

    A new headcanon I just thought of. When Luxord encourages Roxas to find the White Rabbit in Wonderland, it's really because Luxord had a white rabbit of his own in his youth and was trying to gain a new one. He needed a lucky rabbit's foot. Until we get Luxord's backstory that is my new...
  9. SweetYetSalty

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Kingdom Hearts 1: Riku kidnaps Pinocchio in the hopes it'll restore Kairi. His actions are seen as a bad guy. Kingdom Hearts 2: Riku kidnaps Roxas in the hopes it'll restore Sora. His actions are seen as a good guy.
  10. SweetYetSalty

    News ► Kingdom Hearts music appears at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

    Olympus Coliseum is super fitting for the theme to play for the Olympics. Also considering it's been in every KH game minus DDD it's such a iconic theme to hear. All it needed was someone dressed as Phil to greet everyone as they came in to make it 100% perfect.
  11. SweetYetSalty

    News ► Yen Press announces Kingdom Hearts: The Complete Novel Collector's Edition

    Even though I have all the KH novels, I must have this one. Square is killing me with their giant books. First the Ultimania, and now this. Just looking at this monster book is making me drool. Hardcover too. I wonder if they'll do this for the KH Manga series? Speaking of which that ReMinds...
  12. SweetYetSalty

    Your KH headcanon

    Olympus Heartless that appear in the Coliseum are tricky. They could just migrate there for the tournament and not be regular natives. Most Heartless appear in the Coliseum. I suppose the Powerwilds will be the Heartless that continue moving from world to world, trying to find the perfect one to...
  13. SweetYetSalty

    Your KH headcanon

    I just thought of a brand new head canon! The Powerwild Heartless consumed Deep Jungle and are responsible for it being plunged it into darkness and never seen again. This makes the monkeys the most successful Heartless bunch around and their destructive legacy continues. They appear in...
  14. SweetYetSalty

    Favourite Foreteller?

    No mix up. Gula has rubbed me the wrong way ever since I watched Back Cover. I enjoyed Aced putting Gula in his place. The leopard triggers me. It's just a personal thing.
  15. SweetYetSalty

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    It could be we are going to Toy Box early in the next chapter? Or it could be doing it's own thing with showcasing him, which I'm all for. I love when the manga takes it's own liberties on KH storytelling. Looking forward to see Shiro Amano's Young Xehanort.