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    what ff character would u like to see on kh2

    zidane garnet and freya and yuna
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    what do you what n KH2

    i want some summons of final fantasy so u can use like bahamut and yuna to come out and help you with aeons
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    is Namine in kh2

    i think namine and the BHK is like sora and kairy or sumtin like that o and yes she comes out:D
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    How much would you pay for the demo?

    i would pay the price of the magazine 9.99 or more i dont kare its temptatioooooooooon!!!!i want ittttttttttt woooooojoooooooo:D;)
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    when does the demo come out?

    jeje kool kool:D anybody know anything?
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    when does the demo come out?

    hey guys i want to knowwhen the demos of kh2 is coming out and where because im like i need it its temptation i heard rumors tat its coming out on september in the official playstation magazine is it true? :confused:
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    The KHOBGG

    it took me a day 12hr and 54 mins i just cheked right now
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    uhh i really didnt knew dat uhh but it shouldnt happen kuz we already killed her in kh 1 and i dont really think she should come out again
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    who want to talk about theyre worst momments?

    heyy i know this is kinda stupid but im bored what was your wordt momment?
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    FF charatar list

    i would love to see zidane garnet and eiko ooo beatrix and freya jiji and i wonder if yuna is gonna summon;)
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    Do you think it'll be better?

    i think itll be better than COM defenetly and kh1
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    Seifer's role in KH2

    omg omg reallyyyyy seifer is coming oooooooout???? dat is soooo cool i hate him but i love him at the same time;)
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    this iswat i really meant
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    i think the castle is hollow bastion but remember that he had kairis heart inhim so it was really kairi dat sees it familiar remember in the scene that kairi is little with her grandmother i think in hollowbation in the library well that explains that it was kairis thoughts
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    A weird thing I noticed on an old KH2 Screenshot

    i dont know japanese but does it really say dat?