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Recent content by Sweet Raine

  1. S

    KH2FM+ Trailer Subbed+Translated

    ne~ great work hana and dogenzaka. i shall watch it right now. x3
  2. S

    help locating an online manga store

    just like the title says. I`ve been searching for days for a really good online manga store that sells Matantei Loki & Matantei Loki RAGNAROK manga translated in english by Chuang Yi. So far, i managed to find one site called Manga Island. Except, when i looked at the FAQ, it says that it...
  3. S

    Riku's Kairi

    which is why i said his/her opinion. i wasn`t sure. >->
  4. S

    Riku's Kairi

    >-> look, R-K has his/her opinion. If Riku`s gay by her standards then fine. no need to start flaming. anyways, i`ve always thought that Riku would be with Namine, but after seeing kh2, thats not gonna happen. ( but, as always, i`ll always stick with my crack pairings) besides, i think Riku...
  5. S

    Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2 Cover revealed "The Destruction of Hollow Bastion"

    Sora looks really good on the cover lol.
  6. S

    Fanfiction ► Sora's Mom

    .. i`m confused, is Sara and lily the same person? ...?
  7. S

    Fanfiction ► [[ I Can't l o v e y.o.u ]]

    hmm.. it`s really good candeh-chan. but, did you know you started a double topic? xD
  8. S

    Riku x namine

    LMAO. i just can`t wait `til shiro-chan comes in here. Personally, i could see them as a couple. I find that whole "they're nobodies & they are part of sora and kairi" thing tiring. >_> Their relationship is cliche as well. they only knew eacher for what... 1-3 days? and they're already meant or...
  9. S

    iPod Help

    well, i got an iPod Video on thursday, and its already acting weird on me. When I tried to play it today, it worked fine. But once i tried to play a game, the pause button would go off without me touching it and it started to skip songs. So, i connected it to my computer because the...
  10. S

    What did You...

    i first named it the S.S ducky. <3 then i after replaying, Soiri. XD
  11. S

    Editing Process of Jap and Eng ver.KH2

    which is good IMO. kh2 was srsli easy breezy for me.
  12. S

    Editing Process of Jap and Eng ver.KH2

    bah, that is so unfair. V__V i wanna see them catch fire...
  13. S

    Sanctuary Remix Part II!

    hey, if you want to be taken seriously, you should learn how to spell. >_> eh... it wasn`t THAT bad.. but i think the first one was better.
  14. S

    Fanfiction ► Twilight Nights Pt.1, my horror/comedy fanfic

    >:3 lovely. ^^ dunno why, but i think this is true! stuffing IS for the whores!!!!! anyways, please continue~ PS: thankies sheewoe for showing me this!
  15. S

    Make your own Kingdom Hearts 2 Quote!

    .__. "Touch his hair! you WONT die."-Lb_x