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  1. Sweet Genocide

    I'm back.

    I was probably gone half a year or more.... The site looks mostly the same. What's up with the EXP? That's new to me. Also, I don't recognize anyone here... >.<
  2. Sweet Genocide

    Help/Support ► Good Places for Dates

    7eleven. Now that's a classy joint.
  3. Sweet Genocide

    358/2 Days Famitsu Article

    That first pic is awesome.
  4. Sweet Genocide

    Erase? or should I say Dispel?

    ......there isnt really a status ailment. Dispel has nothing to do with the actual scene either. The author is just putting way too much thought into it.
  5. Sweet Genocide

    Erase? or should I say Dispel?

    I think he means Ven is begging Terra to dispell him during a cutscene as if status problems could link into the actual story, which is just nutty.
  6. Sweet Genocide

    Erase? or should I say Dispel?

    The authors theory. Id stop buying the game the day donald and goofy start asking for curaga during cut scenes.
  7. Sweet Genocide

    How far are you in the game?

    Sleights are pretty much necessary part way through the game.
  8. Sweet Genocide

    Erase? or should I say Dispel?

    That's a ridiculous theory.
  9. Sweet Genocide

    Keyblade Master?

    I dont like your idea of chess titles.
  10. Sweet Genocide


    Roullette and Moogle.
  11. Sweet Genocide

    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    If you werent around for the 80's, you wouldnt care as much about space paranoids. I think it was one of the best things to happen to the KH series. I just hate atlantica.
  12. Sweet Genocide

    Riku on final mix cover

    Yeah it's rep-worthy.
  13. Sweet Genocide

    Riku on final mix cover

    Masta, I think you put more thought into that then Nomura did when he made that art.
  14. Sweet Genocide

    In the beginning

    That was not written with BBS in mind, but future games may use it as if it was.
  15. Sweet Genocide

    the red apprentice

    Where is the logic in this?