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Sweet Genocide
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  • I can't stop laughing. OMG. It's so funny. I seriously can't breathe. It isn't that funny. I did look at his one thread, thoug. That fueld the laughter more.
    Whattreya sayin? Me no hyper? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!!!ONE!!!!!!!!111111!!!
    I'm boredles and lonelies and I just want someone to snuggle with, but there is no person near by to snuggle. TT_TT
    I ate some pumpkin roll. It was yummy. Meow. What were you saying? Hi.

    So, I was in Colorado and I was feeding chipmunks and squirrels. Well, I had this peanut in my hand to give to this little pine squirrel, but he was impatient and ran up my leg! I squealed and he ran away. Than he came back and did it again, so I threw the nut down and he left me alone after that.

    Do you have stories? I like stories. They're fun.

    So, when I was in 11th grade I had these kitty house shoes. My dog didn't like them, apparently, because one night he sniffed on and peed on it. Grandpa said it was because it probably stunk. My feet don't stink. >.< Buster has destroyed them since then, so no more kitty slippers. TT_TT
    I wasn't on, so I wouldn't know, but I can imagine. It is a holiday afterall.
    I fell asleep during Benny and Joon. =<
    Ooooh, watcha gonna buy?
    I'm home now. Did you have a good day? I never did go to my friends, because after eating turkey at Mommy's I got sleepy. I took a nap with Dale Jr. (that's her cat).
    I have a headache now, though. My tummy hurts too, and I didn't even eat very much.
    Buster is sniffing me because he smells that I've cheated on him with other pets.
    Talk to one of the forum mods about it then...
    The Sky Blue ones can ban, if that helps your decision.
    I can do what I usually do and access it from work XD other keyboards there.
    It's not really fancy, only pretty xD; it could've come in a bundle with a keyboard so it shows how inexpensive it is, but I prefered the Keyboard I bought in the end and the guy had the mouse sold separately as well.
    The laser thingie on the bottom if red. But there's a blue light on the top of it too, and it's made up of a lot of transparent plastic, so it shines through.
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