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    RoaL! Lacey and Jest ~ Middle of the Keyblade Graveyard "I can't believe Chase is going to seal off Kingdom Hearts forever. Do you think that's a good idea?" Jest looked over to Lacey, sparking a cigarette, then shrugged. "Just doing my job." "I know but there has to be more to it. Just seal...
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    To Kingdom Hearts: Race of a Lifetime

    Welcome to RoaL! This Rp is strictly for those avid writers who have a love for the fast life. The main idea is spontaneity! Everything and anything that happens in this RP will definitively craft the end game result. As things go, there are several factions Chasers, Rebels, and Heartless are...
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    To Kingdom Hearts

    Hey guys i know there's a good amount of rps flowing out there. I brought up an idea not to many where interested in last time so, this time I'm trying to present something better. There has been a lot of talk about Org XIII. I want the setting to be pre-Keyblade war. Right before it broke out...
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    In search!

    Hey guys! SwagStar here! Some of you would better remember me as SFF, or sorafinalform, or maybe not at all hahaha anyways... I've been here for a good grip and was just wondering what yould be some good conversation threads to join! I'm usually in the RP section and was looking for some less...
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    Conquerors RP

    So I'm thinking of a battle royale-esque RP. One of those, Predators/Hunger Games type things, but you command an army, territory, and your character. Your character can be a whatever, but there are three main roles. President, Emperor, and King. These three roles will have the biggest lands and...
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    Dark Corridors: Plights Through the Endless Abyss

    Chai had last left off around the corners of Atlantis. The monsters in this area were high in number and raged upon her arrival. Seeing how Poseidon ruled his seas with such a tight grip, there's no way they would be able to break the world of mermaids and sea creatures. Chai was confronted with...
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    Wrath of Gaia RP soon to come

    So I have an idea. I want an rp that holds a battle of the gods. There will be a set players, but it will be very accommodating. So basically it is a tournament style rp. Gods will face each other in universal bouts to the death. Time is none existent outside of the universes so human...
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    Character ► [ACCEPTED] That Guy Without A Keyblade/ A New Style

    A0ge: 24 Gender: Female Weapons: Sword of Asi: A sword crafted from various metals across the galaxy and realms. This sword has seen coutless battles with Shlay. It's almost as if it has a will of its own. It's seems to dislike heartless and beings of such caliber, but quivers in the presence...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I would like to see the FF world period. It seems like the FF characters all come from the same world, and Destiny Islands is similar to Traverse/Twilight Town, or any other KH original. It seems like Radiant Gardens is that...
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    Original Urban/Cyberpunk Post Apocalyptic Post Rapture RP

    Ok so... I'm thinking of starting an Urban Post Apocolyptic RP about 3 teens and 3 young adults going against a society ran by drones and 3 adults. The scene is about 100 years after the events of Jesus and the Rapture. So basically, most of society has been wiped out due to the Divine War...
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    Back From the Grave!

    It has been a while since my last visit to the forums, and even then i didn't get active as i wanted, but now I am officially back and ready to get active! Any good RP's i can join?
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    My theory on MF and some change...

    Ok I’m going to make this as short and sweet as possible. AtW was Xehanorts master. Xehanorts nobody is Xemnas. Xemnas is the leader of Org. XIII. So if you think of this in a mathematical way you can say that AtW is the leader of Xehanort, which makes him the leader of Xemnas, and ultimately...
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    Ok Kiba This is the thread!!!

    Ok rules are: Only 2 characters allowed No GM or PP of course Umm... i think thats it so just post your temps and i will post my temps after you... Unless you want me top post mine first??? It's up to you. then we need a location. you can pick that if you want. After that its just up tous to...
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    God Moding

    Someone explain to me what excactly God moding is because i think that i know but right now somebody is telling me that im doing that when im pretty sure im not... so can somebody just tell what God Moding is and i mean to the letter!!!
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    Sonic RP

    :cool: Wassup peeps!!! ok i was thinking why not do a sonic RP. The idea so far is just a sonic rp, but i am debating on whether it should be a sonic/kh rp or just a sonic rp as you see in the poll. I want to make a sonic RP though anyone interested??? if so then help me out by giving me some...