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    Summons you would like to see in KH3

    Here's my list in no particular order: Chicken Little- This is mostly just a meme answer, but I would like to see how they could carry this summon foward from KH2. Maybe he could use a bat and hit heartless towards Sora or something along those lines. Noctis Lucis Caelum- If Noctis is not...
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    Pre-Ordering KH3

    If I Pre-Order KH3 from Amazon do I get it Day One or The Next Day, Cuz this has me worried becasue I wanna get the game as fast as possible.
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    Orchestra Trailer Leaked

    I thought Randall died at the end lol, but now I wonder how KH3 fits into the Pixar Theory and Universe. Edit: Should've been more detalied with what I said, By difference, I meant that Randall was in unlike the trailer we got at SE conference, sorry for the confusion I might have caused.
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    Orchestra Trailer Leaked

    Atleast we got to see Randall which means this has to be following the movies plotline.
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    Orchestra Trailer Leaked

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoDP8KxwdrY Edit: There's one big difference can you spot it.
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    Anti-Form Sora's Possibility of Returning.

    Anti-Form in KH2 happend because Sora So is there a possibility of that form returning since we still have forms in KH3, maybe there could be a hidden stat system similar to how it was done in KH2?
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    How to become a mod

    Since I love this website since I joined last year, I would like to be part of the team, is there any Moderator try-outs, or anything else.
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    Found The Sony Website for KH3 PS4

    First off, did anyone actually find this before, because I couldn't find any other Thread that talked about it. Second off, it costs around $480, and finally here's the link PS4 | PlayStation 4 Pro KINGDOM HEARTS III LIMITED EDITION | プレイステーション Edit: It's in Japanese but...
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    Newcomers Playing KH3

    I'm pretty sure you heard about AngryJoe's opinions on playing and reviewing KH3 with no prior knowledge to the story, but on one of his tweets it seemed like he was expecting the game to cater to new players, But if you plan to play a third game in a series, especially since the story is known...
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    Welp SE Showcase was disappointing

    They literally just showed the previous KH3 trailer, but with a few added bits. Hopefully PlayStation has a better trailer.
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    SPOILER WARNING, Aqua/The Seven Lights Discussion

    Since Aqua is now a seeker of darkness, does that mean what Mickey said in DDD is now irrelevant about his three friends being Guardians of Light. I mean Ventus is still unknown, but if he falls (Which I'm guessing he will), Who are the three that will take their place.
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    Making a Kingdom Hearts Fan Game

    I'm calling it Darkness by Dawn, It's going to be about what happens to Sora and Riku after their battle with Xemnas, but my main question is whether or not I can actually use the characters, I'm not going to make money off of this project.
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    KH3's Amazing Music

    Oh Boi that shrouding dark cloud remix, I think there were other remixes like Sora's theme, and The Deep End. But has anyone just paused the game and recorded the music because I've been looking everywhere for the themes. Sadly I couldn't find anything on Reddit, Twitter or Youtube.
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    KH3 death screen

    Does anyone have a screenshot of Sora's Death screen (or can describe it in detail)
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    Monsters Inc. World Plot

    The trailer seems to show that Monsters Inc. is still in there scaring phase, and Mike is worried about someone catching them with Boo. Will this world follow it's own plot or follow the movies.