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  • It's about two brothers who track down demons and such. It can get...dark. Anyway, a friend is the one who called it that.

    I can PM you the first two or three chapters if you like They aren't too long.
    The story is a cross between Law and Order and Supernatural... sorta. Hannah is a Charon, tasked with catching ghosts and having them move on until she goes insane. Emily is a police officer who is working her own case... but Hannah catches it too. The two have to work together to find out why people are being killed. I need to expand it.
    It's... I can't explain why. There is just something validating by being in that booth and talking and playing music.

    Yep. I LOVE it. I love it so much!

    unfortunately, I can't get a job in it. I only discovered my love in my senior year, so I don't have enough experience or any internships.

    Well, College is better. I found my love in Radio there. (Radio is my love, not my love was in radio.)
    YOU MUST! (Seriously, even if I don't have a job now, graduating put me in a better place then if I didn't.)

    You're welcome. ^_^
    Ah... the joys of graduating... unfortunately I'm also unemployed.

    Thanks. I believe in you too!
    So, what else is new?

    Thanks, but not right now. I'm on page 75 of 110! I WILL Finish this soon! It needs to be extended though...
    (nods) I only got into it over the summer but it's SO GOOD. It's smart, and funny, it's clever and... yeah. I LOVE it!

    Thanks. ^_^

    Oh, some people usually post music/AMV's/whatever after I say I haven't seen/heard something. I'm just saying I'm busy. I'm sorry.
    I got a new (used) DS lite after mine broke and some Penguins of Madagascar DVD's. YAY!

    Do you know who?

    Oh, okay. (Don't listen to them. I'm editing my NaNoWriMo novel so don't post it now)
    I KNOW! How have you been?

    Thanks. ^_^ I hope I'm spreading some cheer to the other forumgoers. So...yeah.

    What's your Avvy?
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