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  • Yeah that would be cool I think they used this website
    Clock Your Vinyl : Vinyl Clock Design
    Oh yeah, I still love them xD. I got a clock made out of a vinyl record of Let It Be for my birthday
    Eh kinda, I just need a break from the all the pony. Beatles were the first thing that came to mind after I found out there wasn't any good Dubstep related sigs.
    If I remember correctly, you where quite popular. Being bored just doesn't cut it anymore, huh? All in good time, don't worry. ^^
    You are welcome! 1000 times. :D

    I really wasn't sure if people actually cared if it was my birthday or if they even cared what I said about them.
    Especially because some of them gave me rep. Which is basically the likes on here, like FB. x)
    Sorry for letting your vm fall behind! D:

    Ah, thank you for posting in my fc for my birthday! You are now a member of my army of fan people! xD It was really nice of you to do so. I'll rep you again when I can. lol

    We still haven't played yet.
    And Taylor keeps making me wait longer x(
    But, if you're available now, we can play until he's ready.
    yo! want to play some minecraft with taylor and i later today? we're going to check out the tutorial map for the custom map we'll be lping.
    I'm an only child. I pretty much never had to share with anyone. Yet, I am bored 90% of the time! :D

    Why you no post anymore?

    I was under the impression every Xbox got that at some point. I suppose you got yours more recent, so it's spared.
    Wait, are you an only child? I don't know whether I ever asked you that or not.

    Hmm, so true. Spam? xD

    Your Xbox 360 hasn't gotten the red ring of death? :O
    Humph, it's not my fault I was conceived for years earlier than you! :c

    I have a question, you always come on and then get off. Are you not on a computer or something? :I

    You where like seven. You didn't know any better. Even though I do agree PS2 was pretty rad. lol xD
    I just noticed once again, why must you be so young? D: I am turning twenty in six days. :c

    Drawing is too hard on the screen. My hands get shakey.

    Sony fanboy? I didn't get a PS2 until like 2006. I was playing my crappy Gamecube. xD
    Haha, well you proved me wrong, then! Not to say I was calling you mediocre, because I wasn't!

    I remember the Sora one, that was funny.

    Lol, where were you nine years ago? xD
    For some reason, I never thought of you as a hard working student. For some reason... x_x

    Hey hey, I never see you do them that much... Yet again, I don't seem to receive any updates. xD

    Well, it's taking forever to come out. I would have gotten it already if that was the case. I really need a new game again.
    I've never tried in school. So, you better do so. :p

    Apparently, I have to draw something or gtfo. ._.

    Really? It's Sims type of game, yes? Only with animals and crap. Hmm, will I not be able to stop once I start? :D
    What a good boy. Actually trying, how nice. xD

    Yeah, I was called out on that a little while back. You guys are just too good at drawing shyte that it's intimidating!

    Never played it. Might have to once it comes out for 3DS! :D
    Algebra is the one you never will use in your life, right? Or was it geometry? Hmm, because I sucked at both of them. :/

    Nice to know I stick with people. :p

    Same games, new paint job. How nice for us. ^^
    Are you like always busy or some crap? Where is your mind at? :O

    Lol, noice you forgot. ^^ Angel?

    KH2 is not as crappy as people say. :c Only got 3DS for KH3D. xD derp
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