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Recent content by SuperSaiyanSora

  1. SuperSaiyanSora

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    And of course, the biggest example is that Roxas' personality is pretty different from Sora's, despite being Sora's Nobody. Sure, memory shenanigans, but still. There's also a huge time gap that we don't know about that could explain Elrena's personality change as well. We don't know when she...
  2. SuperSaiyanSora

    Anyone else, like... in LOVE with KH MoM?

    It's because the KH fanbase isn't really a fanbase that plays many rhythm games from what I've seen, plus the fact that they feel like they're paying $60 for one new cutscene with lore (Even though Nomura and Square said multiple times that the main point of MoM is for the rhythm game...
  3. SuperSaiyanSora

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Patch 1.04 Out Now

    And this is why if Sora ever gets into Smash, you better believe there's a good chance Nomura would tie it into the lore. :ROFLMAO: Yeah, it's possible that it was always supposed to be there, and that's what I personally think is the case. It doesn't make sense that they'd get the VAs for a...
  4. SuperSaiyanSora

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    Yeah, we're sorta lead to believe that the Master of Masters was the original guy who forged Keyblades into existence, until the update where he's talking to Luxu about his past -- where he was fighting with other Keyblade wielders as well. Plus in Back Cover, we clearly see him instigating the...
  5. SuperSaiyanSora

    A defense for Ishimoto

    I see what you're saying. I DO remember that people complained about how "He's a Pirate!" sounded in KH2 and I agreed, but at the time, I pretty much chalked that up to the limitations on the disc. In all times I listen to the KH2 Soundtrack, it's been the 2.5 version, so I should really go back...
  6. SuperSaiyanSora

    A defense for Ishimoto

    Yeah, I agree. The soundscape or "style" for the whole series thus far is literally Yoko herself, with Sekito's work heavily coming to the forefront starting in BBS. In terms of what you said about musical "stamps", I think he compliments Yoko incredibly well when it comes to KH tracks. He sadly...
  7. SuperSaiyanSora

    A defense for Ishimoto

    Right, which I mean, I get why people might not dig that as the Final Boss theme for the Dark Seeker saga. You'd think it'd sound way more grand, sorta building off how True Darkness sounds, which Yoko did. Listening to FFXV's soundtrack, you know a Yoko-composed KH3 Final Boss track would've...
  8. SuperSaiyanSora

    A defense for Ishimoto

    I'm a musician as well (although in a vastly different genre) and he's not a bad composer by any means. I wouldn't even say he's "not as good" as Yoko -- I'd say he's equally as skilled, but the styles are just vastly different, and their strengths lies in different areas. For example, his work...
  9. SuperSaiyanSora

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Confrontation

    I feel like this would've been a given anyway considering how close Ven is with the other Union Leaders, but yeah, it's a straight up confirmation that he's kept an eye on Ven the longest. Which makes me wonder why he's got beef with Ven, because in BBS, he was planning to kill Aqua and Ven in...
  10. SuperSaiyanSora

    The next game in 2022?

    If XVI releases in 2021, no longer can people make jokes about Square games taking ten years ever again. That's an incredibly fast period of time from announcing it to releasing it. It's not Capcom announcing Resident Evil remakes fast, but if they release XVI in fall 2021, that's amazing...
  11. SuperSaiyanSora

    Dengeki: Nomura discusses OST, MOM, Kingdom Hearts going on break

    Yeah, I doubt Nomura at the core of it cares honestly, because more people love what he's done than the people that don't. Loud minority, but if people really thought the games he made were terrible, KH3, ReMind, MoM (might be too early to tell though, plus, rhythm game lmao) and FF7R Part 1...
  12. SuperSaiyanSora

    Versus XIII Leaks could hint to Verum Rex

    It's possible that many of the Versus XIII concepts can be repurposed into Kingdom Hearts, but they'd probably have to be changed, unless there's some sort of loophole that allows Nomura to do what he wants with it. Honestly, I would be super interested in a T-rated Kingdom Hearts game, but I...
  13. SuperSaiyanSora

    Dengeki: Nomura discusses OST, MOM, Kingdom Hearts going on break

    A lot of them tend to do KH3 Pro Code challenges, and with MoM having so many songs to burn through... I like to think Square gave us so much content with that in mind, knowing that it'll be a bit until the next title, so give people something to chew on for a year or so until then. Plus with...
  14. SuperSaiyanSora

    Spoilers ► The trailers from this franchise ruin everything

    Perfect time to mention this, but a month ago, I actually went back and watched the old trailers for BBS and KH3D. As it turns out, those trailers did the same thing. KH3D especially showed a lot of what ended up being the final act of the game. So it really isn't a new thing at all for SE. I...
  15. SuperSaiyanSora

    Dengeki: Nomura discusses OST, MOM, Kingdom Hearts going on break

    KH YouTubers are gonna have to get creative. 😂 I kid, I kid... But I think a break would do everyone good. After KH3, MoM, Dark Road and UX... A breather is nice, that way when the next big title drops, we're all refreshed and ready to be excited again. Remember the last time we all felt...