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    KH3 Fenrir

    ok i dont get it, what is the connection between the wolf symbol and cloud and tifa???
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    What if the 5 that fell appeared in kh2?

    the only reason they were difficult to me in com is becuase of the card battling system, if they were in kh2 then they would be alot easier. Heres hoping that in the wait between kh2 and kh3 the guys at square and disney get bored and totally revamp CoM into 3-D and put in on the ps2. or since...
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    Kingdom Hearts II ties for the game of the year

    GO KH2!!!! i'm sure RE4 was a great game and it definetly looked like a contender...but it was too difficult for me. You wanna hear some crap? I couldnt beat Re4 so i gave it to my 10 year old cousin Austin and he beat it within 2 weeks!! Thats crazy
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    1300 points in cerberus paradox cup?

    you can't summon in the cerberus paradox battle....sux i know otherwise i would use the hell out of Peter-Pan
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    3 way ultimate battle

    Kingdom Hearts 1 because it was tons more challenging than both CoM and KH2, but KH:CoM in a close second. Kh2 was kick arse and everything, but it was easy.....
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    1300 points in cerberus paradox cup?

    what worked best for me in the cerberus paradox cup was driving into wisdom form and using thunder. i did try using master form's thunder but for some reason it wasnt as effective as wisdom's thunder. could have been the rounds in which i cast thunder and certain enemies and whatnot but...
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    that was one of the best part of the game, when he finally turned on the O.XIII abd i wouldn't be surprised at all if Axel is a main character in KH3.....which proposes another question, If Kh3 does take place in the past and Axel is a main character, Do nobodys age? how long can they "live"?
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    after beating him 10 times you should get to setzer, then beat setzer 10 times and then you will face seifer
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    What random things did you notice in KH2?

    Christopher Lee voices Diz, not Xemnas
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    question about things said in the sora vs roxas battle

    Ok now i remember thanks keyblader.
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    question about things said in the sora vs roxas battle

    ok... im lost. i DID beat the game but evidently i didn't pay enough attention to witness the sora v. roxas part.....refresh my memeory PLZ
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    Your opinion on mickey gameplay.

    The only time i saw him was during the fight with Xaldin. I died more than 6 times im sure and Mickey revived me every time. Other than that i can;t think of any other use for him; his attacks suck, his lifebar is too small, but he did jump high enough to avoid Xaldin's laser attack-thing.
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    Hardest Boss in the World that Never Was.

    Xigbar definetly. I was about level 58 or so. i can't even remember how many times i died or if i died at all but i know that i beat all of Xemnas' forms the first time, Luxord was just annoying with his stup[id dice tricks, and Saix was easy, just had to use your potions and curaga wisely and...
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    Picture of Anti-Sora in Timeless River?

    i've never actually paid attentioin to it, ill have to try getting anti form in different worlds. do the normal drives change apperance as well??
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    I need help with Orichalcum+

    yeah just complete that list and i'm sure that you'll get your orichalcum+