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  • Well, to do that you have to be premuim. To be a Premuim member you have to have 1000 posts. If you look at my name "Poker Face" is in red. Your's is just normal. That's because I'm premuim. Make sense?

    That's why it's good to make your way around the forums to get more posts :)
    You should go into the forums, will help you raise your opion and post count. Then you can become premuim :)
    Thanks, you'll notice that most people on this forum are pretty nice.

    Do you go around other parts of the forums? Not just Role-playing?
    I don't even think I can do that.

    I think you have to be a Mod or Admin. If you want to close a thread you could just post on it saying "You can close this Thread now."
    I'm actually to busy to role-play at the moment, but when I'm in the mood for making one, I'll make sure I come to you.

    I like the second one. Sorry I didn't say anything about it but it does also sound like a big job, which is why people didn't sign up for it.
    I like the first one, sort of an Idea I had.

    I was going to have a Twilight-like role-play when someone falls in love with an Angel but then I changed it to Dragon's. Like they are human but dragon, idk. I dicided not to do it because it would be hard.
    Don't worry, you'll find one that goes on forever. lol. It's hard to find one like that. Role-playing is pretty much practise at creative writing. heh.
    i can't! no double posting right? i got b()@( slap the last time i did... and i'm the latest post. i've can't do anything but wait.
    WHAT! i never said that!...... all's i said was not to include Bones in ur post....cause Bones is going on a mission of his own
    for now....i will be the temp. Bones... but do not include him in your next post...cause he's going to go on a mission of his own...
    please don't be alarmed by what's going on in me profile! i'm just now trying to figure out how to not have this be so blah...
    lol nice... and yea i fixed it...who would have thought that two different angles really differs i guess with programs it does X_X
    it's just cold here :D...and im trying to repair my freakin rpg X_X when you attack someone...your attack only goes -_- im ONE direction
    um...im guessing they are like taking a break xD idk but i posted already i don't wanna keep posting alot yah know cause i wanna give everyone a chance to post
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