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  • Ok, not suire what's going on but I'm experiencing the same issues as you, excpet everywhere, including PM'S haha. So I'm going ot try to post the message here and you can just copy and paste it into your new thread. If you need me too, I can email it to you as well. well here goes.
    Haha. it's no problem. I live to serve. But yeah, just send the PM with what you want to replace and I'll edit it for you no problem.
    LOL I'm doing kinda dumb, I broke up with my girlfrinedd today, but I ddin't know she was staying the week cus her aparment got a rat problem, Also thnaks to me and my frined Alex who caused the rats.....Anyway I kinda screwed my self for a week.
    The sun and my dogs tail whe he jumps off the couch! WHy is the rum always gone........
    It's not you, it's just the forums. The server is unstable right now so it's not allowing people to view certain pages at certain times. If you keep trying, it should let you, if not then just PM me what you want me to edit it with and I'll do it for you.
    Yea, you should be able to edit it just fine. Moving it shouldn't affect that. If it does, just drop a message down and I'll be glad to help you out, no problem.
    Hi. I'm Hokage, one of the moderators here at KHI. I saw your post in the Ask-a-Mod thread and went ahead and moved your Roleplaythread to the correct section. If you need any more help, just message me and I'll get to it as soon as I can. Have fun!
    Hmms ya...But it really dose look good.You dun have to keep i just wanted you to know it looked nice^.^
    Ya I love sailor moon.My Bg is sailor Venus she is my fav.I just love the was the back ground looks.It all gos nicely together.Love how the water is.Its all so wonderfull you did A real nice job :D
    I love the way your profile looks =3
    Well I'd actually love to be in 4 of them, but im not good enough on one instrument to play in it.

    Im in two bands for my clarinet
    and one for my sax :)

    You're not lazy, im just over worked lol. Which leaves me exhausted and time for nothing else. lol
    lol that's nothing...
    This weekend consists of ...
    I have to write an English Draft (Easy, only 800 words) a maths B assignment draft (not so easy, Prolly take me 5 hrs to do), write an 8 minute speech for debating, go dress/shoe shopping for our senior ball, and go to the bank, not to mention study for two exams. Oh not to mention working on coding my tutorial website
    and making buttons for it on gimp

    And some of those things will take forever.
    My list?
    3 school bands,
    Web design team,
    Piano lessons,
    and several comittee meetings lol.
    Not to meantion all the preparation I need for those lol.
    Yeah Im a busy girl
    It was worst still last year, I had school play and so on, on.
    I guess I haven't been much of a friend then huh?
    I hate myself for that...
    I try so hard to keep in contact with everyone...
    Life is busy you know?
    lol Sorry about that, I really want to be a better friend!
    Yeah as I said Life's been busy for me, Im doing a lot of extra curricular stuff, and I have been focusing on my studies a lot harder than last year (Still not as hard as I'd like) but im getting there!

    What about you?
    No it's John's , you can decied what has happend to Yo-YO, I only post little things like who gets moved up in ranks and what has happend to the city, I can't kill off characters, oh and John's back.
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