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    358/2 Days Cool Idea!!!

    Yeah like u can summon 2 at a time and they are on the screen for lik 20 seconds or whatever
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    358/2 Days Cool Idea!!!

    Yeah i would like to have the big anoying sword nobody that get all small and attack u what are they called???????? Ohhhhh the Berserker!!!
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    358/2 Days Cool Idea!!!

    Okay i was re-playing kingdom hearts 2 a couple minutes ago and i got to thinking. Okay so every Organization member has there own nobody to control right!!! so maybe in 358/2 Days when you play as an Organization member you can summon the members nobody!!! to help you!!! :thumbsup:
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    darkside twilight thorn

    yeah I would assume the same thing twilight thorn is probobly darksides nobody
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    Don't know if anyone noticed this...

    yup Xion's hood is on the scan is just blurry
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    Swap MAGIC

    Does the swap magic 3.6 work for your PS3 because I really want to play kingdom hearts final mix :huh:
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    Destiney Islands Door

    Okay i do not know if anyone has posted this but do you think destiny islands will be a level in any of the new Kingdom Hearts games (bbs, 358/2 days, coded) and that the new games will reveal what the door on destiny islands in the cave is and whats behind it. Or that in kingdom hearts coded...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 and Gamertag at E3

    Hi!!! i dont know if anyone else saw or posted this but on Tuesdays episode of X-Play they showed gamertag at E3 and he mentioned Kingdom Hearts 3 its not much but its kinda funny so hope you enjoy!!! G4 - X-Play - Features copy and paste adress!!!
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    The Door On Destiny Islands

    The door is probobly Destiney Islands Keyhole, but there is something suspicious about the door ? hmmmmmmmmmmmm :confused:
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    Olympus Colliseum ( HELP PLEASE )

    Omg can anyone else help me because some turnaments you can't use summons Edit: Hello ??? EditEdit: Hello ?????
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    Olympus Colliseum ( HELP PLEASE )

    All I need to do in the Journel is finish every mission in Olympus Colliseum, but it is really hard so can anyone give me hints on these mission 1. Phil's Training - Mainiac Mode 1,000 points The Unnderdrome Cup 2. Pain and Panic Cup - 2,000 or more points 3. Cerberus Cup - 1,000 or more...
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    Infinite Experience

    Yeah it hurts them P.S. - i FINISHED EVERY MOOGLE THING YAY
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    BS's Easy Drive Form upgrades-No BS

    Final - 1. I went to Twighlight Town computer room exit to the library go into Final kill all nobodies then exit world when your still in the form and repeat. < kills 10 nobodies 2. If you cleared all the nobodies and have 4-5 in your gauge left then go to next room and clear the nobodies on...
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    How do I get the gullwings summon

    There not a summon