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Recent content by Stevie Goodwin

  1. Stevie Goodwin

    Why does Terra have no interest in Sora?

    I heard that Terra has no interest in Sora. I heard he has no interest in him in BBS because he can't sense his potential and chose Riku instead. Also Sora also fought Terra in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix . Does Terra really hate Sora? In KH 2.8/KH 0.2, Riku and Mickey save Aqua i think. Will...
  2. Stevie Goodwin

    My first time on the Final Fantasy Series

    This is my first post here on the Final Fantasy discussion so am i in the right place? Last night I was looking up Tidus, Wakka and Selphie so i decided to give FFX a try to watch on YouTube since i always seen them in KH1 on the Destiny Islands world. Also is Tidus a good character? I also saw...
  3. Stevie Goodwin

    My first time playing Kingdom Hearts II

    Hi all, This is my first return thread post and i'm talking about my first time experience with Kingdom Hearts II. I decided to try Kingdom Hearts II out since i played Kingdom Hearts 1 for a long time since i was little and gotten bored with it. I'm playing the KHII regular on a PS2 and on...
  4. Stevie Goodwin

    Hi, I haven't been on KHInsider for a while

    Hi everyone, I'm back at KHInsider. I haven't been on the forums for a while. What can i do since i'm bored. I'm finally back.
  5. Stevie Goodwin

    My custom Kingdom Hearts characters with new colors

    Check them out, I made them using https://pixlr.com/editor/ I used a color replacer and they turned out great for me. Here they are. Sora Sky Blue & Purple Valor Form: Green Wisdom Form Sora: KH1 Kari with Blue Hair (Aqua's Hair): KH1 Sora with Blue Onesie and Red Shoes: What do...
  6. Stevie Goodwin

    I'm planning on making a KH1 Sora cosplay

    Hi everyone. I'm planning on cosplaying Sora's KH1 costume. But i do not have enough money to buy the outfit and on ebay they either cost $67.99 or $84.99 or $68.00. What is Sora wearing in KH1? Is there something cheap i can make my outfit like make Sora's red and white outfit? I could buy the...
  7. Stevie Goodwin

    Why is there so much hate for Sora

    Why is there a lot of hate for my favorite character Sora? When i looked up in wikipedia, I found " Sora's character has received generally positive critical response due to his warm personality and adventurous spirit." I see people say he is a stupid character or something and they like Roxas...
  8. Stevie Goodwin

    What would Kingdom Hearts look like if it was on the PS1?

    What would Kingdom Hearts would really look like if it was on the PS1. Plus, My PS2 is dead and i have no way of playing KH1 or KH2 and i can't afford to buy the 1.5 or 2.5 remixes on PS3 or PS4.
  9. Stevie Goodwin

    Your Favorite Super Nintendo game and why?

    For me i would say Super Mario World. I just dug out my good old SNES and plan on playing good classics like Mario and Zelda.
  10. Stevie Goodwin

    KH1 Sora vs KH2 Sora

    It's hard for me to pick, I'll pick both are cuter. Which version of Sora is cuter?: KH1 or KH2? KH2 has cooler/badass clothes. KH1 has cute clothes and best voice. KH2 Sora in KH1 clothes which is his early costume is also cuter.
  11. Stevie Goodwin

    Help/Support ► This is my first time in the Help and Support thread. Can i ask anything for any help?

    Hi there, It's my first time in the help and support thread. Can i post anything related to help?
  12. Stevie Goodwin

    What are you gonna have for Thanksgiving?

    I'm gonna have Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Turkey Skin, Corn and Green Beans. What are you gonna have?
  13. Stevie Goodwin

    What do you think of my avatar?

    Hi guys, I made a KH1 sora with Sunglasses and a Purple shirt and cool looking. What do you think of my new avatar? I made it using MMD. What else can i use for a editing program to make a Sora avatar?
  14. Stevie Goodwin

    I'm going out on a date? What should i do?

    Hi all, I'm on Facebook messenger lately and i'm dating someone named and i'm so nervous to date. What KH souvenir should i talk to her about? What do you think about about my dating?
  15. Stevie Goodwin

    Tech ► I'm so upset. I lost my PS1 and PS2.

    :mad:Man, I do not feel happy right now. My PS2 is dead and my PS1 is broken. My PS2 has stopped working from me trying to fix it to take it apart. My PS1 needs to be on its side in order to play games properly. Have this happened to you? Now how am i gonna play KH1 or KH2 now? I'm so upset...