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    Post your @twittername Thread

    @dylandiluccio .
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    Shi*t people say.

    Because everyone is doing it
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    KH 3D NA + EU Releases IN 2012 Confirmed!

    Yes it's true Kingdom Hearts 3D will come out next year in 2012 in both Europe and North America. This information was revealed via twitter and facebook page.!/KH_Official_NA
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    Snow White and the Huntsman Discuss... reminds me of Lord of the Rings in a sense. Have to see this film!
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    What instrument do you play?

    I enjoy playing the keyboard/piano I never took any lessons, youtube is the way to go! This is me playing a few songs, but not fully. What is your favorite instrument? Do you guys play any?
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    Who would you rather be: Captain Morgan or the most interesting man in the world?

    Well who would you rather be, they are just both so beautiful! Captain Morgan : The Most Interesting Man in The world :
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    Uncle Ben---DEAD </3 sad news, the actor who has played Uncle Ben has passed away</3. UNCLE BEN!
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    Post a "Trolling" video. Lmao, the best trolling video i have seen yet. Post your favorite one.
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    Have you ever been Ripped Off/Scammed?

    Have you guys ever been Ripped Off/Scam or a part of fraud? Yesterday I went to buy a laptop for college, and I went on a Chinese wholesale website. I bought a laptop for $1,200. Don't ask me why I thought that site was legit, but it wasn't. I paid through pay-pal, luckily I called pay-pal...
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    PSP titles being Remastered for PS3 confirmed by Sony.

    Source: PSP Titles Being Remastered for PS3 - PS3 News at IGN Would you like for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep to be remastered for PS3. My feeling is it might be.
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    Have you ever done drugs?

    Have you ever shot up, smoked weed, snorted cocaine, etc?
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    The official "Sports Discussion" Thread

    Discuss sports; Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball etc. Tell people what sport team you like Baseball: New York Mets Football: New York Jets Hockey: New York Islander Basketball: New York Knicks. So the Knicks are now officially granted a playoff spot! First time since 2004. :D
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    What's your FAVORITE cereal thread?

    What is your all time favorite cereal? Mine is...
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    Disneyland + Kingdom Hearts?

    Do you think DISNEY WORLD* should make a theme park dedicated to Kingdom Hearts and the franchise. For example, make a place called traverse town, and have the big clock tower. What do you think?