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    Any oldies around?

    That's alright, even if we didn't interact we still can now. You seem familiar too, did you always go by Oracle? I mean, first and foremost myself - but if you're offended by that in the first place that's somewhat telling. Haha, nope! This place will forever have its claws in me until these...
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    Any oldies around?

    Having not been here in MANY a year, I was wondering if anyone from "the good ol days" remembers me? Honestly, I'm surprised my account still exists. I miss my animated Scott Pilgrim image, but I guess it wasn't meant to be forever. I kept it after they stopped allowing gifs. Wah-wah Anyway...
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    A favor to a friend

    Natural Beasts: A Horror Novel by Devin Baker — Kickstarter A friend of mine has written a novel and is currently trying to get his novel off the ground via a kickstarter. He has the first chapter, comprised of three acts, up for your viewing pleasure: All I'm asking for is for you guys to...
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    A moment of your time, I want to nostalg.

    I really miss this place. Been a member for AGES. Just really wondered how many people I used to talk to still frequented, or even remembered, this place. I'm talking all the way back to kh2.net days. Is there anyone still around?
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    Attention: Need more members? Post here!

    So a problem I've run into countless times in the past is that an RP dies because of inactivity. There's a week where no one posts and then you might lose one or two people. Well, I want to do away with a lack of RPers, or at least try to. My plan is simple, and it may even prove to help the...
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    What Have You Bought Recently? (Post Your Stuff!)

    Aww yeah, loving the game so far. Edit, sorry the computers where I am currently (work/school) are shit, I'll fix this when I get home.
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    Vidya stuff that scared you as a little kid

    For me it was the GET OUT guy from DK64 YouTube - ‪DK64 Part 11: Diddy, GET OUT!!‬‏ Skip to 1:50 Another thing that scared me were the chainsaw guys in the hedgemaze of Zombies Ate my Neighbors.
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    Distoria, an experiment. OOC

    RP is here: http://forums.khinsider.com/original-roleplays/161937-distoria-free-join-anytime.html#post5542036 Alright, I had an idea, see? I want to make an RP with no explicitly stated setting. I don't want templates. I don't want to state any plot. I want people to post in this and do...
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    Distoria -- Free to join anytime --

    (The OOC thread is here: http://forums.khinsider.com/signups-discussion/161938-distoria-experiment-ooc.html#post5542044) Kalemn stared through the faint reflection of his face and watched as the scenery changed from a tan desert filled with nothing but sand to a more lush forested area. He had...
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    Help/Support ► Does anyone know a good website for transliteraing text?

    Due to the way, well, language works, I doubt you'll find a translator. Translators are good for the occasional word, but if you were to try a sentence, it would come out choppy and not make much sense. See, translators translate words, which simply isn't enough. You have to follow that...
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    Help/Support ► Headset issue

    The issue isn't needing a headphone port, I need the jack itself. So that I can plug it into an mp3 player.
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    Help/Support ► Headset issue

    So I got a headset for Christmas. One problem, it's a USB only headset. Meaning I don't have a headphone jack to plug it into an MP3 player. Anyone know of a USB to headphone jack? I need something to plug a USB into and change it to a headphone jack, not the other way around.
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    The Last Five Years

    I've been wanting to see this for a while. The show's progression is a fairly unique one, one that I've never seen before. It stars two characters, a couple going through their first date until their eventual divorce. The hook is that the play starts with the female's perspective going backwards...
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    Inter Somnium {Stavvy and Thor. collab} (Always Accepting)

    The sun rose on a dusty dawn. Lizards scurried from their various hiding spots as a truck drove down the dirt road. Some non-descript cd played at a noticeable volume, which Catherin unconsciously tuned out. She wondered how far this man would take her. He seemed a nice enough fellow, had...
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    Inter Somnium {Stavvy and Thor. collab} (OOC, Interest Check and Sign ups)

    ((After years of silence and whatnot, I've decided to try KHI's RP section again)) The world lies in chaos, everyone knows this. It’s been this way for a few months now with no news of, well, any sort at all. The media was taken down completely practically as soon as America’s government...