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  • Fun shit.

    Not much, really. Just watch a really depressing documentary earlier today which got me in a sad mood. Then later when I got on the computer I saw that puppy tossing video... which didn't help my mood. Yeesh.
    As much as I love Shadow Teddie's corner and your signature... maybe you could get rid of the smiles? to make it smaller? It's just that your sig takes up the whole screen and whatnot and I yell at everyone who does that.

    It's nothing personal.
    Things you've broken

    darn I tried to rep you for making a Just Cause 2 reference in that suicide jump thread but well, you know... XD

    Just Cause 2 is awesome
    didya know when i was a noob i use to think u and scubasteve where the same person
    gameplay is baller

    Much more like the actual SMT series, the old ones for SNES especially. Fusions work more like they used to in SMT2 with some persona 2 fusion elements mixed in. The old Law/Neutral/Chaos alignment system is back, and it has a much greater effect on the gameplay than just recruiting and story paths. Party members with the same alignment will tack on an extra attack if you hit an enemy's weakness.

    The story is told very well. It's much more science-fiction than the general moral ambiguity of SMT1-2 or the Bhuddist philosophy of Nocturne. It plays with the notion of whether our technology serves us or that we serve our technology.
    yeah strange journey will fuck you up if you're not ready

    there are a ton of save points and heal spots though
    It is. Miss me? :)
    . . . . . . . . . . . .
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