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  • Hi Aiko, I'm fine, just marveling that X and Y will be the smallest addition pokedex-wise in the series. XD
    You're very welcome.\^_^__,o *hands you some, and gets myself one too* I'll have to try it sometime! So, how's your day going?
    Lol, actually I typed "Oh I see", no idea how it became THAT. Sea-salt perhaps? I've never had it, if its even real. XD;
    Hegemony, he did? XD; Well, how about some ice cream, then? :3 I gotta offer you something unique.;3 What kinds of food do you like?
    Awesome.:3 My connection seems to be fine right now, so we can chat for a while! ^_^ Care for a cookie?
    ;A; What's a meter? The dumb folk here still go by inches, miles etc. Daw I'm sorry, would a hug make you feel better? A cookie perhaps? 8D
    Oh wow, cool! ^^ I have tons of ideas for pokemon, like a Grass/Fire Jack'o'lantern and a Grass/Dark scarecrow. :3 And my legendaries would be based on Day and Night.
    Nothing much, thinking if pokemon ideas. XD I'm bored, so I made a set of starters for an imaginary region. Flowaur - Meadino - Stegrove is a Stegosaur that becomes Grass/Rock, Pyger - Tignition - Enyger is a Tiger that becomes Fire/Electric, and Wavail - Narphoon - Narundra is a Narwhal that becomes Water/Ice.:3 I picked those types because they reverse the trinity order.
    Wow, that is interesting! :O No wonder ancient civilizations has so much success keeping everything intact for future beings to find it and research it.

    Ugh, yeah.. Stupid Government Lockdown. :/ It's just stupid, really.

    Okay, good luck with Scouts! :D We can always talk later in the day/night. :)
    Oh, okay. :)

    Pueblos? I haven't heard about that civilization.. Then again, my teacher never stops at one subject; Always keep moving at different pages. Mind explaining it for me, please? :)
    Hockey, Basketball, and Archery.. Sounds like it's a busy weekend for you. ;D

    Oh, what kind of model are you and your classmates making? :)
    Ah, good luck with the Scouts. :)

    Got anything planned for the upcoming weekends? I have plenty and it includes watching my Arkansas Razorbacks Football game. ^_^
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