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  • you'll feel way better once you hit platinum, or silver as its now called.

    also i cant take that goose yet until my current "gift" expires. this tingle wasn't by choice, u know.
    congratulations on the premium dude, you're getting to be a model member now.
    okay man, you're in lol. i thought you were already so my bad

    if you ever want in the chat, just make an FB account
    Try getting one, it's really cool. :3 To both you and Muke, I'm leaving in a half an hour to go with my grandmother to get lunch. So I'll be here for a few mins to talk.
    Basically describes the last time I was at Cedar Point with my mother. Except never went on water rides and went on one rollercoaster (wasn't too bad). Then we checked out all the cool stuff around. I got at a stand a spray painted t-shirt with a ninja and my name next to it. Hope your day goes well! :D
    You're going today? Lucky. I love water rides (they less scary). But when I go next month, I KNOW my parents are going to force me on ALL the rides (my father said so).
    Then Top Trill Dragster is not for you. XD I've been on rollercoasters 6-7 times. Started actually getting used to it. Still afraid a little.
    It's a BIG. FAST. ROLLERCOASTER. Haven't been on it cause I'm a chicken. xD
    Cedar Point is 2 hours from where I live. It's at Sandusky, Ohio. Really awesome theme park. Love the rollercoasters. You should totally look up "Top Trill Dragster Pov" and watch a video of it. :p
    Oh, that.
    Well, it's only possible to talk to one person at a time, so I just sent her a message. xD
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