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  • Screw homework.

    I don't feel like doing my sociology essay.I'll do my second essay at nine though.
    Which is prolly stupid, saying as thats when my friend gets home from class then and I'll be distracted by both her and tv.
    I clearly don't either.

    I'll PM you back later or tomorrow.
    I'm watching tv and don't feel like putting in alot of effort to writing something
    Cause thats a lot to reply to
    You knowwwww.
    Most people comment the other persons page in a conversation, not their own
    Yeah physical education isn't my thing. LOL! I love English and History. I also don't mind Earth Science and Biology. But the harder sciences like Chemistry and stuff I don't like.
    LOL! You must really like P.E. I always hated the subject. When they told me I didn't have to take it my Junior and Senior year I was like Sweet! I also don't take Math this year either. I was so happy to find out I didn't have to take that either. :p
    no thanks. I'll find it on my own. and once i do ...i'll probably join when i don't feel like i'm lazy. lol
    Yeah that was a good one. kingdomkeylight hasn't been on as much lately though. He was having computer issues. He came on the other day though. I mentioned it in his fanclub. I started it. :)
    You can if you want. I haven't seen a lot of good ones lately. Because I don't have much time I really want to do an RP that catches my interest. But every time I look in that section I don't see anything of interest.
    OW! MY BACK!! I'm sry spyells. Me wish Me could help. I'm fine for now. Do You want me to look up some RPs for the both of us?
    Hello! *hugs back hard* I'm good. How are you? I haven't even had time to RP lately sadly. When I'm on here it's usually doing site work. And I have so much homework it isn't funny.
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