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  • hey spyells, not to be rude... but i think the time in the god remake is in the morning.. because allmost all the other posts have people waking up to morning activities... but i could be wrong! o.o, so i'll check with candy, ok?
    Yeah, I know what it's like studying for finals. I really hope you do great in them ^_^ And that does sound exciting ^^
    I'm glad you relaxed during the holidays^^ I've been pretty good, trying to relax when I can, but overall good ^-^ Nothing new at all, how about you? Oh and, Happy New Year ^__^
    na if i do all I will change is a capital K at the beginig also how do you change the Premuim member name to something like you did with

    Then we can go see santa

    cause I know what I am going to do there also If your ever looking to do rps again please let me know

    so what cha been up to
    I am a premium member now yayaya sorry for seeming like I am avoiding you I really am not HAPPY NEW YEARS LOVES AND KISSES
    sorry to hear your still said spyells well its glade to hear from ya you have been like a zombie for a while not awnsering my sexy party invites, dodging my marriage proposals and worst of all finding ways to slip dodge blown kisses at you lol

    so i am doing great I have been rping like mad and have had a lot of fun latly and you
    I'm certainly glad to hear it! My great grandmother passed away a few years back. She was getting on in years, but I still miss her from time to time.
    I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. I've lost loved ones before, and I certainly know how awful it is. Hope you feel better soon.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Well the pokemon rps only going to be held up for a bit and the TWBB rp is at a stand still for now so I take back what i said those to rps are at a stand still. Because last night a great rp idea hit me literally in the face so I decided to stop all production to other rps for a few days to get it going. Dont worry they will be put back into motion at some point. Also did you see I reserved you a certain spot on that rp.
    Well, i don't eat ham, so i could care less. *hisses*
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