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Recent content by spirit-of-light

  1. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Aqua: Heart of Darkness

    Well, after binge reading this story for the last two days I can safely say this story completely blew me away. I'd even go as far as to say I like it more that BBS itself. You kept all of the characters true to themselves, and they stayed that way all to the end. The writing, aside from a few...
  2. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    It was 2012, actually XD I even remember because it wasn't long after DDD came out that I started writing. But, it has certainly been a long time. I drew that few months back. I finally got a graphics tablet to draw with, and I couldn't think of anything better to draw then Atra finally smiling...
  3. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    Well, that's it. It's finally done. I'm not really sure exactly what to say, so I'll just go. I want thank everyone who read this story, and has kept up with for as long as it has. Seriously, thank for taking time out of your day to read this, it means so much to me. I'd also like to give a big...
  4. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    Chapter XIII Atra He dreamed of his life. He was boy, ordinary and dull. His friends were kings, mighty and just. His sister gave him a crown. He was with them. He was happy. He loved and smiled. Then war took them away. They returned, and he fought with them. They won. He met a man. The...
  5. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    On the bright side you'd get to touch his pretty hair xD What's weirder to think about is how long it has been for Riku. He was vague about it but it's possible that, from his point of view, he's been gone from hundred of years. Part of him probably wanted to stay, that's why it didn't take much...
  6. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Tactics: Across the Threshold of Ivalice (Ramza/Alma)

    I was wondering if you're going to go off of FFT's ending, and I'm glad you did. It makes sense that they traveled Ivalice one last time before they left, it would explain how they run into Olan again. But it is sad to see everyone gone, though I suppose Ramza is used to that kind of thing by...
  7. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    Chapter XII What Lies Beyond The Morning Part-IV “Kairi, you have to hold still,” Naminé said. She squeezed the trigger of the hot glue gun, and dabbed a glob of the hot glue on red rhinestone and stuck to Kairi’s strapless white dress. The shinning stones formed a pattern in the...
  8. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Tactics: A Knight and His Lady (Ramza/Alma, Agrias/Ovelia)

    When I read the part with Ovelia with the dagger I imagined that it was set right before the end of FFT. All of the weight and reality of what Ovelia had done, and things that were done around her, had set in, and she was going to take all of that frustration and anger out on Delita. Which was...
  9. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Tactics: Desert Blooms (WARNING: Ramza/Alma pairing)

    Finally all caught up. First, you are an amazing writer, every single word just pulled me in more and more. Please keep writing. Anyway, I'm little surprised to see a tactics fic, not that I'm complaining, it's just a little more of the obscure FFs, but it's always nice to see it get some love...
  10. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    He is right, though. If Riku wouldn't miss it for anything. But the better question is what he's going to do when he does show up. Will he stay? Is he going to just say hello and leave? How much has he changed since then? I feel a little bad that I never used them more in the story, but too late...
  11. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    Chapter XII What Lies Beyond The Morning Part-III The wind rushed past Lea’s face as he sped through the back alley of Radiant Garden’s buisness district. The man running in front of him, clad in tacky red robe, was still keeping a solid sixty feet between them; the man he certainly had...
  12. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    I don't blame you, seeming as how Atra crashed it the first time. I wouldn't say it like all of them paired together, but more that they all love each other. Like Riku said, he and Kairi do love each other but they both love Sora more. And while Sora loves Riku, he loves Kairi more. Think of it...
  13. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    Yeah, it took him long enough, but at least he figured it out eventually. Now that I think about, AquaxTerra was the only pairing I really pushed besides SoraxKairi, or maybe SoraxKairixRiku. But like he said, being with her and Ven was really the only times he was happy, and now he knows that...
  14. spirit-of-light

    Fanfiction ► Tristitia Owari ch.13 ~The End~

    Chapter XII What Lies Beyond The Morning Part-II “C’mon, Ven, get up.” Aros said. He squished his finger into the side of Ven’s face, but his friend remained asleep; drooling on the loose papers scattered over the flimsy wooden desk. While they had plenty of time, the ceremony on...