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  • yeah, they were decent though. my favorite characters are mostly the 11 supernova's though.
    Saulo was pretty good cause he actually gave robin a personality in her childhood. my least favorite were the giants in the enies lobby arc.
    new one piece chapter was pretty sweet. but ymm, you misspelled my name in the quote on your sig.
    usopp took the most time for me to get adjusted to him being in the crew. buggy brags too much.

    Marcoh's zoan transformation kinda dissapointed me in a way.
    Yeah, I'm not sure if I did start off on Arlong Park. I mighta began by watching the first episode, a buggy episode then suddenly arlong park.

    who is your favourite character?
    yeah, i saw somewhere in the OP section, that u started off in the arlong park arc.

    I think i started one piece during the captain kuro arc.
    that arc was probably the 2nd best behind enies lobby. Kizaru is my favorite admiral so far. my favorite part was when luffy punched down that one celesial dragon.
    yeah, we;re both one piece fans. so yeah. btw,. i finally caught up with the manga.
    hm... there was episode of recess where the black guy, vince was in the choir and he was real ballin and at one point in the anime he had to get his tonsils out and he couldnt sing. bit of a coming of age dillema.
    Oh man thats pretty nuts. I suppose I have maybe 3 or 4 if that. I hardly read much manga anymore though :v
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