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    Tech ► Nike releasing Nike Air Mag AKA "Marty McFly's"

    Idk if any of you know this but recently Nike and eBay have parterned up to hold an auction to help the Michael J. Fox Foundation in an effort to raise money for research for Parkinson's.Here they are right here: These are the real deal they light up and the laces do adjust themselves according...
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    PSP remaster

    It's not certain yet but S.E. will most likely remake BBS for PS3.Do you guys think they will add any new features to the game or improve on of the features besides the graphics and how it runs?I'm thinking maybe upgrading the online battles to wifi so you can play anyone which they will most...
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    MISS IT SO MUCH!!!(Toonami)

    I really don't know why but for some reason just remembered Toonami.And now that I remember it,it's killing me how they just cancelled it.Now i'm just sitting in a corner in a feedle position remembering the good ol' days watching Dragon Ball Z and other great shows that used to come on(not...
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    What system Do you want kingdom hearts BBS V.2 on?

    i think it should be on NGP.they could definately do more on it plus the graphics will be better
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    Apocalyptic battle in mind.

    That's what it looks like.in the secret ending yen sid said that since sora beat ansem and xemnas(xehanort's nobody and heartless)they would for into one again which would be M.X..Dont see how but thats what he said.oh and also for some reason he said he might not be alone when he comes back.EPIC.
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    Apocalyptic battle in mind.

    what did you think it meant?
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    Apocalyptic battle in mind.

    i didnt mean to put between and my computers been not lettin' me on forums randomly sometimes so yeah i kinda expected everyone to know about this.but it wasnt to inform anyone,it was to see if you guys thought the secret ending meant what i thought it meant and or what you thought it might mean...
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    Apocalyptic battle in mind.

    Hey guys after watching the ending and secret ending of re:coded,cuz im probabky not going to buy it,i got really pumped!!!!The mark of mastery between Sora and Riku!!But not to mention the fact that Master Xehanort is most likely coming back and not alone led me too think that there is going to...
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    khbbs final mix mirage arena boss

    The new boss recently shown for bbs final mix looks awfully similar to the boss you go up against before xemnas in kh2.Does anyone have any explanations as to why this maybe?Personally i know it has to do something with xehanort but i dont know exactly what. s1eyeballs
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    Kingdom Hearts Saga=100% until now

    only game i have 100% on is kh2.congrats man lots of dedication.
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    mirage arena anyone?

    hey was just wondering does anyone want to play some mirage arena.dont know who wants to play but i do so if you do just leave the info s1smackdown
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    TGS2010 BbSFM High-Quality Trailer - Armored Boss & Monstro Fight

    Re: NEW BBS Jap DLC trailer! showing new secret boss (not mysterious figure) & Monstro fight!!! yeah this vid has been all over the place man,but it is a better quality.
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    Thoughts on Bbs? Good? Bad? Ugly?

    well data install helped fix the loading time problem,storyline was amazing,battle system was very different eliminating the saying "kingdom hearts is just a button smasher game",and to me its the best in the series and is anyone still realizing the fact that all of this is on a psp haha. and...
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Re: Your Reaction when you defeat Mysterious Figure? i remember when i was in my car getting some bk and i was in the passenger seat and my mom was ordering food and then i remember using the thunder surge too with ven and when i defeated him i yelled "PUNK B****!" and veryone like jumped out...
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    KH3 Mirage Arena?

    I think kh3 will have a mirage arena or something similar to it.that would be pretty epic if they could and i think they most likely will.how bout' you guys? s1naruto