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    A try at drawing some thing...

    well, here's my...well, not good attempt at drawing. One of my main characters standing against a random character I drew for no reason, whatsoever. I was trying practice with drawing the blades in a different view. Apparently, it needs much work. C&C would help a lot.
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    Most Over hyped Anime's of Today

    Which anime do you think is over hyped today? Before, it was the first dubbed animes to ever come out in America. But today, there are anime's that are over hyped or may be too over hyped. Best put a reason why the anime series is like that. Which series I think that is over hyped? NARUTO...
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    One Piece Characters vs Naruto Characters

    Though this has been done before...One Piece Characters vs. Naruto Characters. Every single character, even the dead are in the battle. That means Minato Namikaze(Yondaime) and the other hokage. Also Gol D. Roger and other dead characters like Ryuuma The King. Who would win this Character fight!
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    Is Gum another term for rubber?

    As the title asks, is gum another term for rubber? I know this thread has a high possibility of being spam but this is something I need to confirm. I'm having the moment of uncertainty. If you do think it's spam, then just PM me and tell me that it it is and if Gum is another term for Rubber...
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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

    The story is about a "no-good" kid that gets involved in the mafia and other things that has to do with it. I thought this manga/anime needed a thread. Article
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    Most Emotional Anime & Most emotinal character past

    Which anime in your opinion holds up the most emotional scenes and which character holds one of the most sadest pasts that makes you want to cry or gets you into the mood of liking the show. My opinion has to go with ONE PIECE. Especially the Funeral of Going Merry Go, Nami's past, Robin's...
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    Ballad of Legends ~ Lost Empire Atlantis

    I haven't done an RP in a long time since I suck at making ones. This is based off of two things. The legend of Atlantis and the Disney Movie "Atlantis" which was a nice movie after watching it again. It'll have some contents similar to the movie. Excuse some crude Latin. I don't know if it...
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    Converting.MKV Files

    How do you convert .MKV files or Matroska movie file to another type of movie file? If you can tell me somehow, that would be very helpful.
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    New One Piece Voice Actors - Released!

    One April 13, 2007, anime fans rejoiced about the relicensed by Funimation Entertainment. Funimation claimed to rewrite the whole series, erasing all of the wrongs of 4kids Entertainment. Here is the list of the new Strawhat Pirates voice actors: Monkey D. Luffy - Colleen Clinkenbeard Roronoa...
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    Finding the WEP Key

    Please, I am in dire help on finding the WEP Key for my router! Where do I go to find the Router Settings and the WEP Key? I need the WEP Key for my DS Wifi. When I looked on the NintendoWifi website, it told me to go to the "wireless" area and then press the "configurations" tab. Anyone...
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    Kurosaki, Ichigo vs. Roronoa Zoro?

    This was on my mind. Both are skilled at swordsmanship. Ichigo with his Zangetsu and Zoro with his Santouryu. Who would win? Ichigo Shikai+Bankai - Recent Chapters Zoro After Enies Lobby (Excluding broken sword)
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    Meh, my birhtday is today!

    I just feel like say today is my birthday. Meh, I still feel the same even though I turned fifteen. *Waves a mini 15th birthday flag*. The presents I got were a gir shirt, .hack//roots, a new bed comforter (I had an old one...Star wars....for 6 years...they said it was way overdue) and jump...
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    Maybe you have notice in the Secret Battle...

    If you watch the battle against ES on KH network, you'd notice that he summons a vehicle and rides around in circles, making Sora into road kill. Has anyone notice it? It looked like a floating motorcycle that has big rocket boosters on the back. Sorry if this has been mentioned already. If...
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    What's a good tablet PC?

    Can someone show me or at least tell me what is a good tablet PC and where to get it. You know the Type, brand, and model. I really want to get a good tablet PC. Please give all specific details about it. Thank you for your input! Rep for information.
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    Far-fetched Theory on the Secret movie of KH2 & KH2 FM scenes

    This is a bit jumbled up and I have horrible organizing skills. If someone already made something like this then oh well. I wasn't fast enough. ________________________________________ What I think is that the one with the Helmet is Xehanort and the man that is bald is someone from Xehanorts...