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    guitar players hurt/heal

    allright same rules. hmm most of u probablly dont know them well ill right th band name next to them angus young (acdc) - 30 sinister gates (avenged sevenfold) - 30 jimmy page (led zeppelin) - 30 jimi hendrix (duh u should know this :lol:) - 30 Slash (guns n roses) - 30 joe perry (aerosmith) -...
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    anyone like nirvana?

    there were like 1 of the most coolist bands. wish kurt cobain didnt blow his brilliant mind up
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    is sora like gay or somthing?

    Ive been wondering because he hadnt seen kiri in a wile and once he finds her all he does is give her a handshake but when he finds riku he is like cryin his friken eyes out. it has realy been anoying me!:mad:
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    axel (may contain spoilers)

    Heh i wuz just wondering is axel actually dead cuz on his profile it does not say he died or deseased or wat evr. i wuz just wordering if they did that on perpose to bring him back in the next game as a good dude? plez dont make fun of me if im wrong!