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Recent content by sotos1995

  1. S

    358/2 Days Plot Hole (spoilers)

    i agree with zero sora.she turns into ice when she dies!so it musta been vexen
  2. S

    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    when sora and roxas fight at serenity station(i think) and after the fight that roxas says to sora "you make a good other"
  3. S

    My BBS Theory >.>

    the whole thing that guy or lady wrote is a joke.
  4. S

    need help regarding riku.

    he was just controlling him.he didnt take away his heart
  5. S

    Mystery Of Xion's Existence

    nice theory.zexion might want overthrow the organisation as he did in CoM with vexen and lexaeus
  6. S

    Organization tournament p1

    i think vexen is better because i dont like demyx.he is a nerd
  7. S

    What's New with Coded?

    i dont have coded.does anybody know how to download it
  8. S


    whatare you saying?KHII is awesome
  9. S

    An Unbirth Theory...yes that's what I said.

    very good theory.who would have thought that unbirths are the ancestors of heartless
  10. S

    who knows this question!

    their first meet is in the realm of darkness
  11. S

    Master Xehonort

    think so
  12. S

    Riku and Xion connection

    they dont have any connection
  13. S

    In 358/2 days

    different game different gameplay i guess
  14. S

    What IS wrong with KH2 Aerith?

    its like she hasnt drunk water for years
  15. S

    do you know why???????

    because kairis' heart was inside sora and her memories of that castle were connected