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  • How long it takes depends on how long it's already been in development. Like with kh1.5, nomura had started work on it near the end of DDD's development without the fans knowing and that's how he got it out so fast. o3o

    Also hi~ 8D
    It can't take to long now that Nomura has shown us something, after FF Versus I doubt SE will pull another 7yr waiting stunt x'D

    B-but this is an important moment! ;n;
    Me neither, I'VE WAITED TO LONG!!!! ;A; Been at this sh*t since kh1's initial release.
    Dont say that it must happen soon! D'x
    I KNOW! I was also actually glad to see Versus x'D

    I read the latest bleach update and just...omg....TnT It was so sad!!! Here take a peak for yourself: Bleach 541 - Read Online at Manga Stream (please take a look! Dx)
    No problem. You remind me of someone else, but, cant remember who at the moment.

    Idk. Rick has that accent and well, he's kind of scary when he's seeing things.

    I suppose so. xD I've never had an autograph, so, I wouldn't know.

    I'm okay, kind of just lurking about these days.
    I know! :D Nearly every line he says is funny~
    Oh oh oh! If you get anything get The World Ends With You!!!!! There is just no words for it <3 x']

    xD How intriguing I dont think any spyro after ps1 is as good. ouo It's like opposing forces.
    I couldn't bring myself to enjoy them either, not sure why. Dx

    xD Just tell me what floor your on. Oh~ Hades can be a bit annoying, find you some blizzard cards, they hurt him something fierce. :D

    I'm alright, been raising post count. o3o
    =D I see! I like DMC1 to, mostly due to dante's attitude rather than story though. x'D He makes me laugh the whole time.
    Which ones? :D I highly recommend Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and Persona! Ico is like artwork in motion. TuT
    Oh oh I remember spyro! xD Spyro 2 was my favorite. Never played spyro after the ps1 era though.

    lol I see~ x'D

    How far are you then?
    ^3^ Okay~

    How is you today? >u>
    *u* Such great options~ Besides DMC2, which is your stated fave, which one do you like? DMC3 is my fave, dante and vergil are awesome.
    0u0 Me? Hm...let's see may take me a minute I've been at this awhile. x'D
    Zelda series, kh series, DMC, Luigis Mansion, Sonic 2, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic adventure 1 & 2, Pokemon, Infamous, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 3Fes, Persona 4, The World Ends With You, Classic Mario, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Tetris (love tetris!), Bayonetta, original Wario game (on the original gameboy, yes I'm that old), Batman Arkham city, good ol ps1 crash bandicoot 2 and 3, and......hm....Gonna have to think more on what else 8D theres been so many over the years.

    ouo You more talented than me if you can play a game AND give a person your attention. xD

    Thats it!? le gasp girl we need to change that! Every person, AND I MEAN EVERY PERSON, should play Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask!
    =D I see just getting started then. CoM is a good one! Though a bit tedious at times. 8D Anything on the series you need clearing up? Many get confused by the stories "finer" details.
    xD lmao Any game at all, I have no preferences~

    ouo I see. So do you go there to talk to people or for the free games?

    It is fun! Two of the best zeldas ever. ouo How many kh games have you played?
    lol I see. =] Which game do you like most?

    Facebook has games? *o*

    8D I'm good, I got oracle of ages and seasons for 3ds today! Havent had these two games since gameboy color days. What things? o3o
    Kuroshitsuji Manga - Read Kuroshitsuji Manga online,Black Butler Manga

    ^ There you go, unless you want to read it by the actual books.

    Ohhh, now, that makes sense. I think they'd be nice people too. I actually find the actor who plays Rick a bit intimating.

    Whoa, that's a lotta money for an autograph. Still, that's so cool you met them both!

    How've things been going with you, Lyndi? Enjoying your time on the forum ?
    Partly~ Are YOU here because your a fan of KH? 8D

    He is! x'D I laughed at him most the game.

    How is you today? Eat a cookie? Go to school? Steal a brownie? Is your sky blue? Play a game? Read a book? See a movie? Is this enough questions? What does the "i" in ipod stand for? What systems do you have? Why is it called facebook when it has no face? Is this enough questions? Did I ask that already? I'm rambling now~ 8D
    True but I'm a sucker for a tragic or bittersweet ending. 8D
    They have? I dont follow naruto soooo aint sure. o3o

    rofl Exactly~ o3o tbh I probably wouldn't even be on here if I didn't have people i talk to.
    Dawwww I know~ :cool: [jk]

    But its Luigi! Mario cant touch this game!
    xD Damn that is small. Most of my mario experience is old SNES days and mario 64. After the 64 Mario lost my interest. o3o
    Unless it's from the authors mouth never believe it~ ;D
    That is true and oddly enough some of them are amazing cause of it. I doubt it'll be sad it's naruto lol 8D

    But all my family lives in this small town so I see them anyway xD and honestly I'd rather see them less.
    ~>u>~ Why thank you, hehe I'm cool~

    LE GASP!? You should play them! Luigis Mansion is great~
    8'D Thank you!!!!!!!
    I'm doing good, just been busy lately.

    The fandom lives on!

    Wait, you like Shane, Lori and Carl?! Why?
    Wow, he actually took it and everything! *u* He's so awesome! <3 Oh, you're really brave to do that too!

    Tie okay, simply curious is all.

    Hannah and Alois...how dare they! >: If only Sebastain had known. Good, good, I've been reading the manga too! If you're at the most recent chapter, it's hard to figure out if the president is real, with the assistant speaking so much for him.
    Sebastian, those good look of his, accent, and and...he's just so hot. <3

    I did have Facebook at one point, but, I no longer use it and it changed too much to keep up with., sadly
    It could have one more arc in it, narutos author is known for changing his mind on the fly.
    Who said anything of sad endings? *u*

    Aw It's alright. xD It's better to be busy. I just never seen purpose in a facebook. =3 Though I get looks cause I'm probably the only one in the state lacking one lol.
    I is good! Just beat Luigis Mansion 2~ It was good! :D
    ouo COOKIES!?!?!? Can I have one or three? :D
    Haha Bleach isn't ending, it's supposedly in it's final arc but with the way Kubo draws shit out it'll be in this "final arc" for years. =/
    Not sure on naruto though. Never read vampire knight.
    Because my dear all things that are good much end~ =u=

    So how is you? ou0 Where ya beennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn? bring me cookies?
    No its true! The manga is past the fullbring (last anime arc) and is in the middle of a Quincy war.

    You should if you get the time! It's only 180 chapters. o3o

    I don't have a facebook, sorry. ^^'
    That won't matter the manga is past any place you'd be in the anime. o3o

    That game they was playing in the black butler manga.
    *o* They sell things like that there?

    ^u^ That's to bad you'd love the manga version, it's not all that long either.

    Awww That's to bad. It is good! =D
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