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  • Casshern Sins is an older anime and they just started reshowing it on adult swim toonami and I EFFIN LOVE IT!!!
    I also watch bleach, naruto, durarara, FMA, folly cooly, vampire knight, cowboy bebop, Casshern sins, and deadman wonderland
    Yeah I instantly fell in love with it
    When my library had the book on the new shelf I quickly snatched it off =^.^=
    So how r u?
    It's night time now, so like 78 or something. xD

    Funny! Everytime I see Roxas now I think of taquitos. xD
    It's fine, you can always talk about that kind of stuff, just in the proper sections.

    Oh, and before I forget, you should probably talk about Lightning here
    Hey, to keep discussion in the summons thread clean, why not suggest "Blinded by Light" in the music thread?
    Haruhi has short hair because a kid put gum on her hair, and the clothes she wears, and her look (even the she still looks like a girl to me xD) made her mistaken by the hosts for a boy. The hosts make her join the club, but later she joins to pay off her debt since she does not mind hosting as a boy so she can pay it off faster. The hosts find out during the first episode that she is a girl, but they keep it a secret from everyone so she won't have to leave the club..
    It's about a girl named Haruhi who got in a rich school called Ouran Academy and accidentely breaks a 80,000 vase. She has to pay it off by being forced to work in the host club. And everyone, except Tamaki, Kyoya, Hikaru, Koaru, Hunny, and Mori knows she's a girl.

    It's a funny anime. • w •
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