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    Final Battle---Anyone have tips? Extreme help needed greatly!

    Ok...I am at the final battle with Xemnas and I hate it! You know where he'll shot you out and you have to get back to where he is? Ok...for the past 20 mintues, I have been dodging lazers things and buildings. I haven't gotten back to him. He has about one bar of health left and everytime I get...
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    Ok...I have an Org. XIII question...

    So, I already know Larxene was killed in CoM, right? Well, I wanted to know if she is still in KH2? Yes, I am playing it but I'd like to know if I'll run into her at all. Anyone know? If so, around what area or world?
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    How much farther now...?

    Ok...I just got to Port Royal. Now how much further do I have to go? I know there is Atlantica just up ahead, I also have to go through the Lion King on, Space Paranoids, and The World That Never Was. Anything else? And if at all possible...can you tell me an order they go in? Thanks a bunch guys!
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    What Level should I be at?

    Ok...I am a long time viewer but I've never posted anything. If I post in the wrong section or something, I am so sorry. Please, just tell me or something. Anyways, I have a question...I am just now at Port Royal and I'm a level 21. Am I where I should be or should I be higher? I'm just...