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  • Sephiroth!!!!!! With the long sword? If its him i never beat him until i got ultima weapon and could block most of his attacks. Before that though. The process was horrible. That guy kept killing me in 2 slices. One hit and then the little alarm goes off. Im like, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh" Then i get away, heal, get some attacks in, repeat. Do that a few times... Run out of potions... Replace the potions with cure... Run out of that... Add ethers in the mix... No more... One hit.... weeeoooweeeoooweeeoooweeeeooooo, then im like, "Oooooohhhhhhhh nashiwakitakiyaaaaaaa noooooooo" Hit again, Sora "awwww" Me, "Son of a mother fuckin female dog shit!" hahaha
    Haha yea the counter thing was pretty interesting actually. Its funny cause eventually you end up only using final valor and master form. (They are just the coolest) And once they get lvled up you dont even use them cause Sora is jus so awesome. I found that so funny. But eventually I just changed into Final and Anti cause i used it so much.
    Final Form O.O So your playing KH 2? Idk why but out of KH1,CoM,2,BBS,358, and Coded I played CoM the most, but i think i liked the combat in 2 better. KH1 is awesome to just play whenever, but BBS and 358 were so different i just enjoyed the story. Even though i did get alot of time lvling up Ven. I was just so busy playing dissidia i couldn't really pay attention to it.
    Hahaha electric frisbees. Half the time i was fighting him i was dodging attacks. The other half i was healing
    Hahaha congrats with the success on Ansem! I can def relate to your sensation of beating him like your punishing an enraged toddler haha Thats always fun. Especially the flying part. Have you beaten the secret bosses?
    *looks around shyly as he walked in the night of traverse town* nothing hasn't really changed.. *looks at the lights from the Third District* it looks pretty nice.. *smiles*
    Hahaha yea i beat most the bosses pretty easily. Only ones that troubled me where the hidden bosses, and Ansem. The Ice Giant and Secret boss in the Desert weren't so tough, but the Phantom and Sephiroth where to much.
    Haha I love coming across my old KH games! They provide some of the only true fun I have. Have you beaten him before?
    Thats awesome! Welcome to the family haha. Everybody here are pretty friendly, so you defintiely wont have a hard time meeting new people. So I'm guessing your love for KH is what brought you to the forum
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