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  • Yeah, it has! XD
    How've you been? :D
    Thankies! ^u^

    Yay! 8D
    Awww, hope you do get a 3DS. ;n;
    Those two are tough to pick between. :3 I Might go with Chespin. X3
    Hi! Longtime no see! 8D
    And Happy Late Christmas and New Years! 8D

    Getting back to replying to your last reply...83

    Those are all fun! 8D
    Yay! Another Pokemon Buddy! 8D
    I play Pokemon too! Have you heard about the new X and Y games yet? 83
    Ah, those. I fear these won't be very effective against Zombies. ;P
    You expect your girlfriend to buy you a game for Valentines day? Well then you'll have to buy her something equal in return, no?

    If it's made of cardboard I'm not really surprised, lol.
    Huh? Why don't you keep the Re: Coded Flash Card in its box when it isn't in the 3DS? That's what these are for and they aren't small. ;D
    End of the world? Lol, I never actually noticed that, too occupied with other stuff. ;)
    You're allowed to have shotgun shells already with 14? *ggg*
    During a Zombie Apocalypse just a few shells won't do I'm afraid. And it also depends on what type of Zombie you encounter. ;P

    Can it be that you had some very realistic dream? lol.
    Guess what, I have four real swords hanging on my wall. :p
    I also had two wooden swords once, but I don't know if they're still in the cellar or gone.

    Aww, but Coded can luckily be played on the 3DS as well. ;)
    Maybe you can get DDD for Easter then?
    Well, if you have the consoles for it, lol.
    I played KH 1, 2, BBS, Days and DDD so far, although I came only to get Days, Coded and DDD since I got the 3DS (never owned a normal DS, only a PSP in terms of handhelds).
    I don't have a favorite in terms of the games though, as I see them all as parts of one whole.

    Rofl, well, that's Sephiroth's occupation, being a strong mofo who only toys with Sora and co. (I remember him just swiping off dust from his coat after the fight in KH 2).
    The Dream Eaters? That's...interesting, also since they are technically speaking not even characters, *ggg*.

    As with the games themselves, I do not have a single favorite character. Ventus, Sora and Namin? share first place in my top 10 list however while Roxas, Riku, Terra and Aqua come closely behind on 2nd place, lol.

    Hah, if it's going to happen we puny humans cannot do anything against it anyways? :p

    Now, if you're confident enough to do that just go ahead, rofl.
    Hope though that you're enough of a cute looker so your fellow human beings have something fine from your performance before the world goes boom. ^__^
    Haha, of course, I'm not on the world-doom-bandwagon as well. :D

    Heh, what could possibly happen anyways? A Meteor, big earthquake?
    Don't worry, I assume that if you don't get DDD the reason won't be the "end of the world", lol.
    Nice, such types of character are the ones I tend to bond easily. ;)

    Yep, the only thing getting in the way is my rare online-time due to RL-duties. Jeez, luckily starting on Friday I get some free time so maybe I can get on somewhat regularly between Christmas and the new year.
    Happy to hear that. ^__^
    So what's your experience with KH so far? Any favorite characters beside Sora? Any not-so-favorites? Considering the console-spread, which titles did you actually play?
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