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  • Yup! I actually got the game on Thursday, which was totally awesome because I had already tooken all my tests(and PASSED every single one!) so when I got home I played it non-stop xD
    I saw your post and I was wondering if you could give me a link to the Square Enix Theme Download sinc eI just got the Bundle today and I also didn't get the Registration paper thingie :C
    Haha yup! Is it bad to say that I like my dad way more than my mom xD Ugh my brother does that with me :p He's like no you cant change it yet >:
    Yeah, lots of shit happened saturday, but thanks to my dad I didnt have to cancel it:D Haha, you sat on your niece? xD
    Ahh, you finally saw it! I've seen it so many times! xD I've been good, I almost had to cancel my BBS bundle because of my mom! :p
    Hey you. :)
    You need to let me know what to call you, otherwise I'll find a very cute-esque one that depletes all manliness. :) (I've done it before. ;) )
    haha, cat-jokes xD
    It's not animal abuse if your 6 inches tall and 140 pound cat is trying to kill you xD
    Gawd, I love beating up that cat, I didnt like it in Cinderella it was mean to the dog! I'd import it, but my parents are ehhh xD
    I know right? How could they take out Dodge Roll, I love using that, I wouldnt even walk in KH1 I'd dodgeroll instead xD
    Yeah, I wish KH2 had Sora in the Santa outfit, but noooo. Weren't like the Absent Silouhettes s'possed to be in KH2 but they ran out of time?
    I never liked Trons world :p Im gonna play BBS too, before it comes out here xD *gonna try to beat VS*
    Haha me too! I always drool if I have a goodnights sleep:D It's kinda gross when you wake up in the morning though lol

    KHIIFM looks like so much fun D:
    I've been to Nevada, California, Florida, and Arizona. So basically I've been stuck in the South and West my whole life xP

    So how was your day?:D
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