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    Green Map Cards

    Alright I'll try it. Thanks for the suggestion. EDIT: Roulette Cards don't seem to be letting me obtain green cards. I'll try going back towards the beginning and see if they're more common there or something. They seem to be very rare as of right now.
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    Green Map Cards

    So I am having problems trying to obtain green map cards. I'm currently before the second + third fight of Marluxia, and I'm back at Destiny Islands with a Key to Rewards Card so I can get a Megalixer. However, my biggest issue right now is that every battle I seem to be getting into is giving...
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    Sora's Singing Talent

    Haha, never really know. Knowing our luck? He'll have like a single by tomorrow. Hahaha.
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    Sora's Singing Talent

    Yeah, good. Haha. It was well done.
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    Could Kairi have a different name?

    Namine did not start in the organization. No anagrams involved. I know this has been repeated, but yes.
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    Sora's Singing Talent

    Sora's singing was intense. [/story]
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    The things we'll miss?

    As many others had said, dodge roll I struggle to live without. But then again, you don't need it THAT bad.
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    have you beaten the game?

    I beat it, kinda easy. The only bosses I had any trouble with were Ansem and the first version of Marluxia, for Ansem it took me about 5 tries, Marluxia, 3.
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    If you could...

    Probably just to make Riku's deck customizable. =]
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    GBA Game Link Compatability?

    You can battle. I've played with my friend Yuuki several times on the school bus. I own 'em. =D
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    Kingdom Hearts II Movies

    I don't like these hosting sites everybodys been using, A.K.A. Megaupload, Rapidshare, You Send It, and FileFront, go search for something better.
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    Ultima Blade VS. Fenrir

    Ultima Weapon Str=6 Magic=4 Fenrir Str=7 Magic=1 The Conclusion Ultima owns Fenrir. Edit: Plus the Ultima has MP Hastaga which is always good for Sephiroth because Trinity Limit, Elixer, Trinity Limit, Ran out of Elixers, Glide around, wait for MP to Restore, MP Hastaga reacts making it super...
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    Who's better at battling?

    Riku in CoM because of his uber Dark Aura, and Sora because of his skills in battling, and strength.
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    THe Silver Drive Form!!!

    Theres also a few strategies, like going in the Cerberus Cup and keep using a form, if it doesnt work retry and keep trying till you get it, then once you get it quit.
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    Mickey Battles

    I know a few, Cerberus, Xaldin, that first boss at Beasts Castle, The boss at Mulans Place. Those places are only what I know, because I've never died on Proud, and I died on standard and got saved by King Mickey twice.