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Recent content by Sora is Barbie

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    Fuse with BHK??

    Ok. I'm pretty much dazed as to how much info we've gotten. But, I took a look at the master form, and yes, I noticed that the keyblades float in the air. Perhaps sora doesn't fuse with Goofy, or Donald, but he fuses with the BHK. I mean, Nomura did state that they would meet. &&& its...
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    Wat wud u do if you saw Ansem in your house?

    :cool:I'd ask him where the hell he got that awesome and totally smooth white color for his hair. Omg, its to DIE for..... *has sex with Ansem's hair* Then, I'd probably feed him something and send him on his way. My house is very dirty, and it probably won't appeal to him. Other than those...
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    I found something!!!!!

    :cool:This is so childish. Thats just fan-art, it is not official. There. Settled. Please close this topic now, as there is no use for it any longer. Thank you.
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    My Ending thought: What if.....none of this is real.

    :cool:I had a dream about Kingdom Hearts last night (Sora's hot, shut up. >_<) And I kept thinking about this one fact. In the beggining of KH one, it says in the opening movie: "Like.......is any if this for real.....or not?" Ok. You're probably thinking: "Oh god, another gay topic by Sora...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Box!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :cool:Thats actually pretty impressive. Even if it IS a fan-made compy, its the best I've seen yet. Like most of the others, I highly doubt that's the actual box. But if it is, then congratulations on your find. There's no way we can know at this point though. WAY to early. But that is a very...
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    Namine..........Britney Spears?

    :cool: This is from monkeybutt's update from the site a while back. He said the maybe confirmed voice actors for KH2. I saw them, and one of them that caught my attention was Namine's voice: Britney Spears!!!! ^_^ Now, monkeybutt-san said that this is not an official confirmation, but let's...
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    New Interview

    :cool:thank you so much monkeybutt! ~_^ Its nice to know that some poeple actually contribute to the site and such. A darker storyline approved by Disney officials....hmmm....intruiging. What are your thoughts on this, Monekybutt? How far do you think Disney will let Square-Enix go, as far as...
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    Why BHK would be playable

    :cool:I highly doubt the BHK would be playable. I mean, if you must think about it for a minute, it would ruin the story. I mean, one minute, you're battling through heartless as Sora, the main hero of Kingdom Hearts. Then, then next minute, you're playing as a completely different character...
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    Riku is Twilight?

    Re: Riku :cool:I copied and pasted my Riku theorum. First of all, everyone is saying now that all of the poeple in KH seem to have more "sides" of themselves. Like, the entire Sora/BHK theory. BHK probably is the Twilight Version of Sora, and the dark side, although not entirely plausible...
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    Post all theroies Here!!!!

    :cool:I believe that there will be an epic final battle, that strecthes across the universe. In order to save the worlds, Sora and the gang (by "gang" I mean EVERYONE) will have to break the World Order, and go to world to world, and destroy any amount of evil that is left. This could mean...
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    Kiari Dark??????

    :cool:WELL...let's not completely shoot down this theory just yet. I think he may be on to something. First of all, everyone is saying now that all of the poeple in KH seem to have more "sides" of themselves. Like, the entire Sora/BHK theory. BHK probably is the Twilight Version of Sora, and...
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    Choose your magic

    :cool:Summons. You can never go wrong with Tinker Bell. ~_^
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    What if BHK is a bad kid?

    :cool:Oh yea, I overlooked that......but I don't remember it being confirmed that the BHK is Sora's Protector......but...then again.....I'm a n00b. *gets shot by KH fanatics* I believe that Axel may have plans of his own though, something that DiZ may not even know about....I'm not sure why...
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    What could go wrong with KH2

    :cool:There is no way KH2 is going to be shorter than KH1. It's gonna be in 2 discs, thats gotta mean sumthin!!!! Another thing that can go wrong is if the plot is completely destroyed, or the story is just messed up to the point where the game sucks. I hope to GOD Square-Enix knows what...
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    What if BHK is a bad kid?

    :cool:Personally, I don't think we should jump to conclusions just yet. This guy may be on to something. The BHK is way more of a mysterious character than we all think. His intentions are unknown. There is a slight chance that he may be against Sora. Think about it, we don't know anything...