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    Fuse with BHK??

    Ok. I'm pretty much dazed as to how much info we've gotten. But, I took a look at the master form, and yes, I noticed that the keyblades float in the air. Perhaps sora doesn't fuse with Goofy, or Donald, but he fuses with the BHK. I mean, Nomura did state that they would meet. &&& its...
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    My Ending thought: What if.....none of this is real.

    :cool:I had a dream about Kingdom Hearts last night (Sora's hot, shut up. >_<) And I kept thinking about this one fact. In the beggining of KH one, it says in the opening movie: " any if this for real.....or not?" Ok. You're probably thinking: "Oh god, another gay topic by Sora...
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    Namine..........Britney Spears?

    :cool: This is from monkeybutt's update from the site a while back. He said the maybe confirmed voice actors for KH2. I saw them, and one of them that caught my attention was Namine's voice: Britney Spears!!!! ^_^ Now, monkeybutt-san said that this is not an official confirmation, but let's...
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    If you were far would you REALLY go???

    :cool:I was thinking about this while playing CoM. "Sora's on this amazing, magical, and totally dangerous save his freinds?" Now, I know Sora's not real and all, but lets put that aside, and put YOU in his shoes. If your freinds were in danger, how far would you really go...
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    Other sides of Disney Worlds. Is it possible??

    :cool:Well, I've been hearing alot about the fact that there may be other "sides" or Sora and stuff. (The BHK is one of these examples.) Well, it just hit me. Could there be other sides to the worlds? Like, in Destiny's Islands. That was changed into an evil wasteland by Ansem. That would...
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    Sora's toughest challenge yet. The Power Rangers.

    :cool:Well, I was thinking on my way home from school. Sora is an amazing fighter and all. He's got the brains. He's got the skills. But I was wondering: Surely the Great Keyblade Master would not be able to stand up against the world's greatest Fighting Force. The Power Rangers. Think for...
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    Can Sora survive in OUR world? (Earth)

    :cool: Ok, well, I was thinking while playing KH. "Sora's been through alot of crazy worlds......but could he survive in ours?" And then it hit me: I really think Sora would struggle in our environment. So, let's pretend, that the world we live in (Earth), has a Keyhole. And Sora and the gang...
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    What if Sora was homosexual??????

    :cool: Honestly. What if Sora was gay??? Would you still play the game?? I mean, with all the awesome yaoi art goin' around, I think a gay Sora would be quite intruiging...... *huggles Sora and Riku* I mean, I KNOW Disney would have to wait until pigs flew in order to allow homosexuality in...