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  • WeLL its not really a Avatar jus a picture of my self!! lol
    i knw i <3 KH too so i found this and i was like awsome so i jus join
    i havent played 358/2 days though dont got a DS ??? U_U
    OmG it could be a mission lol i kid i kid
    yea to KHI i joined like a month ago and i c you join a week ago !! lol
    I like your Avatar very curious!
    Yeah, neither was I. I loved how Rinoa showed up though. That was like the best part to me.
    It's probably because Sora's too nice for his own good, like DiZ said. I wish that when Namine joined with her that Namine would have been the dominant one and not Kairi.

    Though Dead Fantasy Kairi is much better, seeing as how that Kairi actually does stuff.
    Oh yes, that is another reason. It's a problem seeing as how every time he tries to do something she wants to help when really she'll just get in the way, which is actually what I think Sora said in KH1 when she wanted to help against Ansem SoD. And then there's the fact that when she told HPO in KH2 what happened between Sora and her she changed it up to make it "romantic" as Olette said. Or how she ignores everyone and only likes talking about Sora, like when she ignored Selphie and talked about the boy she can't remember.
    Well there are plenty of good reasons to have deep hatred for her. You could actually go check out the Kairi Hateclub and there are quite a lot there. Like the fact she treated Riku badly throughout KH1 and KH2 and the fact she's just dead weight.
    Yeah, not really. Her character was never really that great in my opinion. It just bothers me when people start sprouting out false information on Kairi or trying to glorify her when the fact is what she did was not that great. But yeah, that's just my opinion. Do you like her?
    I joined back awhile back, like April of '07 I believe, but was only really active a few months ago to now. Though you may wanna be careful 'cuz sometimes people get a little intense when talking to the new kids on here (like, being rude). But not everyone, luckily.
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